It’s Monday 15th February 2016 and funky fungi!

Hello there everyone so what’s happening? I hope that you have all had a fabulous weekend; there are certainly no complaints from us over here in the valley that is for sure. So what news, well to be honest with you we have been pretty busy in all the camps and the guests have been enjoying some fantastic sightings. We will come to guest sightings in a moment but a slight pickle for Fred the other day as he went to get the car from the other side of the river; only to find it somewhat surrounded by sleeping wild dogs! He patiently sat in the boat and waited a little while for them to get up and move off – oh dear the hardship of life in the Luangwa!
It’s also that amazing time of year where everything creeps and crawls out of the undergrowth and we get all sorts of fabulous and some admittedly not so fabulous surprises. As I was wandering around in my slightly hayfever fuelled haze thinking to myself about this week’s Its Monday and what journey to take you on; I came across a pile of elephant dung with hundreds of little ink top mushrooms sprouting out of it. I thought to myself: we don’t often discuss vegetation so lets give this a bash. Then as if the stars were aligned or maybe it was just because I was looking for them I found an array of amazing mushrooms all of which were between 20 and 30cm across.









Its like they sprout out for a 24 hour period before disappearing again and I mean we get all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours from the usual mushroom coloured ones to the bright orange ones its really quite impressive. However, I wouldn’t suggest that anyone goes searching too enthusiastically in damp dead bark of trees for mushrooms as the occasional scorpion may just scuttle out.






So there you have it lots of amazing mushrooms around each and every corner which is pretty cool. But lets now bring you all back to what is going on in the park – I am tempted to say more mushrooms but I will now properly fill you in on some of the amazing sightings that the teams have been enjoying.

Here at Nkwali it appears that we have had a leopard and dog frenzy….. the guests were treated to 2 separate leopard sightings within just a few meters of each other. Having sat and enjoyed watching one in a tree it was a short matter of moments before a second leopard just wandered on past. The dogs have also been showing off causing quite a commotion, which was seen from the top of Chichele hill. Suddenly the impalas started snorting and then elephants started running and trumpeting all due to the dogs. The guests also had a pretty cool sighting of the dogs up close as they bounced around chasing each other making their little vocalizations and playing.









Meanwhile up at Nsefu the guests had the thrill of watching 4 wild dogs whilst on foot and then the following day an incredible sight of hyenas, vultures and a crocodile eating a dead elephant. Whilst the guests sat and watched the pecking order of the various animals squabbling over this feast it was certainly the hyenas, which were the highest on the list!






So there we have it for yet another week here in the Luangwa as you can see there is no rest for us here in the Valley and the excitement continues but I am not going to tell you absolutely everything that is going on as I have to leave a carrot dangling out there to keep you all reading and wanting to know more. Which leaves me with just one more thing to say and that is have a fantastic week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.





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