Its Monday 22 February 2016 and sharing the glorious green Luangwa

Hello there all you avid its Monday readers I hope that you are all well and are looking forward to another fabulous week. Here in the Luangwa well we are full steam ahead with our projects but today we are going to hear from Liz Atkins who has just been out to visit us and has shared her holiday with you all. So for today over to Liz:

We have just returned from yet another magical trip to Luangwa River Camp and Nkwali which we spent with our friends Yvonne and Alan Lister from South Africa, who were new to South Luangwa. The park is looking fantastic with so many different shades of green and it is so good to see the animals looking so healthy.








On our first morning at Luangwa River Camp Yona found us a pride of 9 lions lazing around as only lions can and we would not have spotted them had it not been for one lioness climbing a tree and advertising their presence. The following day was a hyena day with hyena popping out all over the place.


The highlight of the week was the day we spent with the dogs.

Jacob caught sight of them in the distance playing around and after white-knuckle ride through mud with Jacob demonstrating his driving skills we reached them. They were mainly lying around although the younger ones were more active. We spent about 2 hours with them including our coffee break and watched fixated as the young ones chased a baby impala which had become separated from the rest of its herd. It nearly made it but the dogs chased it into the river where it began to swim valiantly in the direction of its mother. We were cheering it on from the bank but sadly the crocs got it a couple of metres from the shore. If any animal deserved to live that little one did.


We finally tore ourselves away and returned to Nkwali for lunch but as soon as tea was over we were back to where we had left the dogs. They were still there and beginning to think about hunting but the rain came so we donned our capes and the dogs took shelter in a bush or heaped on top of each other and we all sat out the shower together. As soon as the rain stopped the dogs shook their coats, we shed our capes and the hunt began. We followed them to where they were flushing out impala and watched in awe at their speed as they made several attempts at catching them. Sadly for the dogs they were unsuccessful and as the light was fading they trotted off for the night.

It was a truly wonderful day which we shall never forget and we all feel very privileged to have been there.

A local leopard had been eluding Jacob for 3 days but he was determined to find it before we left. Just before sunset on our final evening we were heading for our sundowner spot when Jacob caught sight of something spotted out of the corner of his eye. It was a hyena heading towards a clump of trees. We followed it and there in the tree above us was the leopard with and impala she had caught earlier. Another smaller hyena turned up and we all sat beneath the tree gazing up at the leopard, the hyenas in expectation and us in awe.


It was a perfect end to a perfect week and our heartfelt thanks go to Daudi and Yona and to Fred and Jacob and all the staff for making it so special for us.

Thanks Liz what a wonderful experience although I cant help but feel a little sorry for the Impala. Hopefully we will see you and the Listers back out in our rather special neck of the woods soon.

So there you have it for this week I am going to leave you now and hope that you all have a fabulous week with plenty of fun and laughter.





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