Its Monday 29th February 2016and dogs versus hyenas

Hello and happy Monday to you all. I hope that you are all sitting comfortably and ready to try to not get too jealous. First off lets start with just how hot and humid it has been, as that will hopefully make you feel a little bit better as you read the next story. Let us also tell you that for the last week we have been taunted with clouds, thunder and lightning but no rain so its drying up very quickly which is a concern. Shall I stop teasing you all now and tell you about the most wonderful sighting that our guests were treated to…?









Monday morning started off with the most perfect sighting of two giant eagle owls sat next to each other on a shady branch, their pink eyelids fluttering as they chatted to each other with that incredible but slightly haunting low boom of a call. Zebras, Impalas, Pukus, Elephants each and everyone of them a real treat and really not to be overshadowed by the pack of 18 wild dogs that were spotted just by the side of the road. Upon returning the guests were absolutely delighted as they had really wanted to see the dogs and remembered their last attempt took quite a lot of effort for zero reward. First drive there they were and really no need to complain. The rest of the week could just flit past in animal and bird filled thrill.

Tuesday morning though the guests came back from their morning out and announced that the previous wild dog sighting had been surpassed and they simply couldn’t believe what it was that they had witnessed. We believe it was the same pack and they had just hunted, killed and eaten the most part of a rather large male impala in just a matter of minutes. Jacob pulled up just after the initial frenzy but all the dogs were there bellies full, some still scrapping over the scraps when all of a sudden 5 hyenas burst onto the scene… Chaos ensued. Teeth bared, lots of snarling, chattering, yelping and dust flying as the hyenas tried their level best to get hold of what very little there was left. A leg here a rib there it was just such chaos and confusion that it was impossible to tell exactly what was going on. The dogs grabbed various bits and pieces and ran off chattering whilst the hyenas chased them and some successfully took possession of whichever bone it was that they were chasing. Nose to nose the confrontation persisted for a good 20-30 minutes with the guests and Jacob simply staggered at what they were witnessing.


















Needless to say after such a phenomenal sighting the afternoon was spent meandering through the Cathedral Mopani on a little birding trip, which was cut short due to some rather ominous looking clouds. Sadly though the clouds brought nothing but some dust picking wind and momentary relief from the heat.


Due to the fact that Jacob had such an incredible sighting I am really going to end the wildlife conversation there as there is little that will be able to stand up to the dog and hyena battle. Instead I thought that I would give you a little update on Robin’s House, as having mentioned it a few weeks ago I suddenly realized that I hadn’t followed up with any further information. Well the first thing I can say is that between all of us there are no mathematicians here as we can regularly be seen scratching our heads and doing our sums. The second thing that I can say is that there are no straight lines at Robins House which has made for some rather baffling moments. Then finally the third thing that I can say is that all of the superstructure for the deck has been completed the team have done an absolutely fabulous job and the planks (composite wood as very important to be eco-friendly) have started being laid. I am attaching a small photo for you to all have a look at but please bear in mind that it is still a building site so we are not at our tidiest.












There you have it for this week’s round up of what is going on; who knows what the team are going to pull out of the bag next week. In the meantime I would like to wish you all a fabulous week with lots of laughter and smiles and don’t forget to look after each other.




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