Its Monday 8th February 2016 and high waters and lots of dogs

Well hello there so how are you all I hope that you have had a splendid weekend wherever you are and whatever you have been doing. Life here in the Luangwa continues to keep us out of trouble and we are making the most of this time of the year and getting some projects done. Now whilst I am not here to talk to you about the nitty gritty of the back of house operations I am going to give you a little tantalizing snippet on what we are up to.

Robins House is getting an exterior face-lift. We are very excited about it as after a lot of failed attempts at lawn planting due to the deep shade from the trees surrounding the house we have decided to go with putting a lovely decked area out the front which will double the living space so to speak and lighten everything up. I am particularly excited about all the lovely new pieces of furniture that I am going to get buying. So there you have our big project for this month and I shall keep you updated on how everything is coming along.

Moving from Robins House and on to one of our favourite topics of conversation for this time of the year. The weather and the height of the river. Well we are about to embark on a very very busy few weeks up at Nsefu and someone is obviously smiling down on us as the water levels have come up and the river is looking full and quite simply magnificent. Whilst the levels have gone down marginally on Friday the water was so high that we were able to boat into some of the lagoons which is always a treat. Admittedly finding our way out was not as easy as we had hoped but we did get to enjoy a particularly lovely sunset….


Heading upstream to Luangwa River Camp well Daudi and the team have been doing a sterling job just quietly getting on with things and being busy with plenty of guests. They have had some lovely sightings of elephants being almost swallowed up by the unfathomably tall grass. Giraffes gently lolloping along super happy at not having to stretch up quite so high to get to the succulent leaves they call breakfast.









Impala stags keeping his girls nice and close as the long grass impairs them from seeing anything that might be sneaking towards them. And then last but not least lots and lots and lots of wild dogs!


The dogs have really done us proud so far this year and have been putting on an excellent show for us and we are getting regular sightings of them. Sometimes just a fleeting glimpse as they have their heads down charging through the bush on a hunting mission. Other times just taking it easy by the side of the road posing for the camera.








Last but not least a small insight into a very bad nights sleep for us as on Friday night at 2.30am we were woken up by a leopard calling – and by the way I am not exaggerating – practically 2meters from our heads! We saw the tracks in the morning just outside our bedroom window and through our garden. Needless to say the spotted cat had crept up on all of us and suddenly let out this large sawing noise which scared myself, rob the cats and the entire troop of baboons sleeping in the trees above the house half to death! The baboons then started to bark like crazy and they didn’t stop for a good 45 minutes until they really couldn’t see the leopard any more but good grief what a fright.


So on that spotted note I am going to leave you all to if for this week and hope that you all have a fabulous one any of you in the South West of the UK hold on to your hats as Storm Imogen heads your way and we hope that everyone has a fabulous week.

Laugh lots and always look out for each other.



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