Its Monday 14 March 2016 and dogs everywhere

So hello there I hope that you are all well and having an absolutely splendid day wherever you are sitting reading this and that you all had an even more lovely weekend. So I suppose I could waffle on but I realize that really you are all wanting to hear about what we have been up to here in the Luangwa.

Where to start; well I guess breakfast is a good place and a few days ago breakfast at Nkwali was rather rudely interrupted by a huge bull elephant as he just wandered straight past gently climbing over the fence between the breakfast area and room 4. Meandering past to see if there was anything that took his fancy and then after that he proceeded to the kitchen, realized that he might struggle to get through the door before ending up at the office where he caused havoc to the beginning of the day there. Not to worry everything soon went back to normal and we carried along as usual.








Robins House also deserves a small update for you all as I slightly left you hanging with that one a few weeks ago. We are almost there, the team have done a simply splendid job and we think that the house is looking great and whilst its not completely finished just yet here is a quick sneak peak for you all.


A round up on the weather front as no its Monday this time of the year would be complete without one – its dry! The river has dropped significantly so Nsefu is temporarily out of bounds and instead we have set up a bush camp south of Nkwali on a lovely bend in the River. Using the Luangwa Bush Camp set up with the added bonus of a boat to get in and out of the park. The first guests went forth and ventured that way yesterday so we wait to hear how it all went.

Enough of all of that lets get on to the cause of the title shall we – Wild Dogs. And as Christabel put it this morning “we have been flooded with wild dogs”. I mean to the point that the dogs were so greedy the other day that whilst Chilumba was out they witnessed a pack of dogs chase down and kill 5 pukus I mean talk about a bonanza. Almost every game drive out this week has been seeing the wild dogs and to be honest with you the guests have been thrilled to see the enormous abundance of plains game that we are also enjoying – that being said we are seeing greater quantities and all together than we usually would this time of the year. But back onto the Wild Dogs the guests had the unusual sighting of 2 completely separate packs trotting around Lupunga Spur.


Not to be missed out as we know that everyone is a fan of a leopard, Friday nights game drive had an absolutely fabulous sighting of two adult female leopards gently strolling across a lovely open area.








Anyways so there you have it for this week whilst its all been very busy we have also been able to have a few moments with the team and this lovely photo of the Nkwali deck with everyone enjoying an early sundowner – it’s a tough life!



So between now and next Monday I shall as always bid you all a very fond farewell and have the most lovely week with whatever you have planned. Remember to keep on smiling and laugh more.






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