Its Monday 21st March 2016 and some news from some guests

Hello there everyone I hope that you are all well having had a marvelous weekend and are all sitting comfortably ready to be made jealous by this weeks installment of Its Monday. So this week we are joining Peter and Kristi Keller on their safari with us just over a week ago and it was a cracker.

So for this week over to the Kellers:

Welcome back home”! Such was the greeting received from Kiki as we arrived at Nkwali for our Emerald Season safari. Kiki had been our enthusiastic guide on our first safari excursion with Robin Pope just last August. While it is not our norm to repeat a safari experience, we where enticed to come back by our various guides to enjoy the different sights of the Emerald Season. My wife is a birding enthusiast and I am the photographer and we were enthralled with the prospects of seeing a breeding stork colony!


We started our trek to the stork colony with a boat ride upriver from Nsefu, and then a wonderful animal filled walk to the lagoon – there were elephants everywhere. The storks did not disappoint and as spectacular as our 1,000+photos are one cannot properly capture the experience. There was a bevy of activity, from nest building to ongoing courtships all providing a listening experience beyond capture on film or proper description!


While we told our guides to focus on birding we did not avoid the abundance of mammals present. Of particular interest to us (and maybe most) are the carnivores and we were fortunate to have several sightings.

There are few poses more majestic than a leopard in a tree and our sighting did not disappoint. This male leopard is well known in the region and is blind in one eye. However this does not seem to impede his prowess with a large territory encompassing the companionship of four females.


Another highlight was the wild dogs where in a single day we saw 2 packs totaling 24 dogs (18 +6). While the dogs were most lying around in the shade, we did see their recent kill being devoured by vultures. Of course, we had another round of 1,000 photos taken!

Along the way we saw many amazing sights such as an elephant in the river along a steep cut bank trying to get onto dry land. Amazing, all it took was a slight break on the bank’s vertical slope for the elephant to make landfall!

As avid birders, we would be remiss by not showcasing the White Fronted Bee-eaters nesting on the banks. It was a sight to behold!








Perhaps collectively we took over 6,000+ photos which we will process for months to come. There is so much to share but this is not the proper forum. For now we bid South Luangwa good-bye.

This safari will forever be in our memories and we hope one day to bring our entire family to experience it in person! We are in the planning stages for another Robin Pope experience, maybe this time after the elusive Shoebill bird. Shall we say three-peat?

Peter and Kristi thank you so very much for sharing this trip with us it certainly sounds and looks like you had an amazing time and have the photos to show for it as well – we really appreciate you sharing this with us. Which leaves me with very little to say as really they have hit the nail on the head and covered all the bases which I was about to so I shall not waffle on about anything else and leave all of that until next week. So between now and then have the most wonderful time wherever in the world you are reading this and remember lots of laughter and plenty of smiles is imperative between now and next Monday.






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