Its Monday and Happy Easter

I hope that you have all had and are still having a wonderful long weekend. Here in the Luangwa our Easter weekend got off to fabulous start as the river came up just in time for the guests to get up to Nsefu. The wildlife both up there and also here at Nkwali has been well – amazing!

Where to start… well lets get going with Nsefu first shall we? Braston had an afternoon walk, which won’t, be forgotten by him or the guests. They were all happily walking along having picked up a few signs that there may be something nearby and so following the direction of the alarm calls. It wasn’t long before they came across a pack of 21 wild dogs. As if that wasn’t enough the dogs were busy terrorizing the local antelope and quite literally were chasing various impalas and pukus left right and center… practically all around the guests. Everyone just sat down and watched the magic as it unfolded in front of them before they eventually had to start heading back to camp.


Down at Nkwali, asides from lots of lions, wild dogs and 3 different leopards in one afternoon drive for a group of ladies ( who were on their first safari ever) it has been non stop! Chilumba was out stretching his legs with guests and walked up to a lovely sighting of buffalo and right in front of them they witness a calf being born.

As if all of this wasn’t enough let me tell you about all of the fabulous things that the team has been up to over the weekend to make Easter as special as possible for our guests.



We started off by dying hard boiled eggs which Dennis then used for an Easter egg hunt at bush breakfast with an amazing family that we have at Luangwa Safari House. We decided that realistically this was a far safer bet than hiding actual chocolate eggs in the bush as given the heat/ant/baboon factor it is always a bit of a risk but this way round worked an absolute treat and all chocolate eggs were distributed in a non melted intact fashion!










Hot cross buns were everywhere and we even managed to make some 3D Easter bunny cookies, which were simply genius. Nkwali only had grown-ups so there was no egg hunt but the team pulled out all the stops by putting together the most amazing bush dinner on the island in front of camp under the stars and the full moon. The guests were boated in from their game drive, welcomed with an amazing cocktail and then treated to a braii. All in all we have had a smashing weekend gorging ourselves on far too many treats especially chocolate all topped off with some fabulous wildlife sightings.


I needn’t really carry on as to be honest with you I believe that we have covered all bases. This week is our last week of Nsefu being open for River Journeys and while its been a little difficult at times with the water levels, the team has had a fantastic time showing our guests some truly lovely sightings. The next time you hear from Nsefu we will be driving up there hopefully beginning of May to start getting ready for opening up for the main season.


Down here at Nkwali, the houses and Luangwa River Camp keep on going and with the sightings that we continue to have at the moment there is going to be no stopping us.

On that note however I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and enjoy the remaining part of your long weekend. Have a fabulous rest of the week and don’t forget to keep on smiling, laughing and most importantly looking after each other.




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