Its Monday 11th April 2016 and cooking up a storm

I hope that you have all had a smashing weekend and are all fully fed and not feeling hungry as this week we are going to show you what’s been cooking here at Nkwali. Mixed in of course with a little game viewing just to keep both appetites whetted!

So to start with I need to introduce you to Natasha and Dennis who have joined the team this year and will be hosting at Nkwali and Robins House as well as helping the team by cooking up a storm in the kitchen. They both have chef experience and Dennis has worked in a professional kitchen for several years. They have been showing our teams a few new tricks and ideas. Feeling somewhat inadequate on the cooking front and fearing significantly for my waist line as all these goodies keep on finding their way to me I have handed over this years chef training to both of them and let me tell you from first hand experience – Yum!


They have been working with the chefs on all sorts of delicious treats from Bourdaloue’s (a French pear tart), beetroot cured salmon all the way to pepper mousse filled ravioli and a myriad of salads.


But in all fairness lets allow the pictures to do the talking here and just flicking through them my stomach is already rumbling. I am trying very hard to learn the word “no” when it comes to treats coming my way from the kitchen.

As if that wasn’t enough food chat lets take a quick foray across the border and to Lake Malawi where Pumulani has officially opened for the new season after two months of closure. We have made a few changes and improvements, and the lodge is looking fantastic. The staff are refreshed after their annual leave, and there is a buzz of excitement as we get the lodge ready to welcome the first group of guests.


Christelle and Josh have joined the Pumulani team from Livingstone in Zambia and have been an inspiration. Josh, our head Chef, has worked in kitchens throughout South Africa and Zambia. They now will be perfecting our Pumulani menu. Christelle, originally from France, has worked in Zambia for the last 10 years has brought her expertise to the management. They have definitely hit the ground running, and look forward to welcoming you.

Back in Zambia and from the wildlife side of things; well the animals quite simply continue to perform and our guests have just been so thoroughly spoilt with sightings. However this week we received some wonderful photographs from Peter and Kristi Keller whom you heard from a couple of weeks ago the first being of the ultimate 4 wheel drive experience as this elephant scrambles up what appears to be an impossibly steep slope. Then on the other side of life a “bush facial” as this zebra enjoys the perks of living with Oxpeckers.









On that note I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a fantastic week with lots of smiles and laughter and we will catch up with you next week to find out what sort of shenanigans we have been up to here in the Luangwa.





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