Its Monday 25th April 2016 and puppy love!

I hope that you are all well and have had a smashing weekend. Here in the Luangwa well I keep on asking the guides to stop seeing wild dogs because truth be told I think that that is all that I have spoken to you about this year. Unfortunately though the guides are refusing to listen to me and we just keep on seeing those dogs! I mean it has been a truly amazing season for them with more sightings than I can ever remember having. For some guests though they had a very special moment with the dogs. Coming across them just off the main road Chilumba stopped and showed the guests but whilst he was talking something amazing happened. Those curious youngsters got up to the car and started sniffing around before one of them just looked straight up at Chilumba – amazing. I mean talk about up close and personal.


But like I said enough about the dogs let’s give you a quick update on what is going on around the various camps as I can assure you it’s pretty busy. Nkwali and Robins House just keep ticking along to be honest with you and asides from the lions being back and having parked themselves in the middle of the staff compound a few nights ago whilst noisily consuming a warthog everything is situation under control.


Luangwa Safari House however is a completely different story and is in complete turmoil as we are digging up sections of the lovely new floor (only a year old) and putting in the breeze bed units to the headboards. This is super exciting as it will just add the finishing touch to Luangwa House and that should all be done and dusted within 3 weeks.


Heading up stream a little to Luangwa River Camp – well Daudi and Christabel have had a very quiet week on the guest front and so have been getting on with a lot of general camp maintenance jobs but there is one project that Daudi has taken particular pride in! In the middle of the main area there is a pond type situation. Well it was all flaked and looking a bit tatty so it was emptied out, fixed up, refilled and then a few fish were introduced. Daudi now inspects his school daily as he feeds them with small pieces of bread that he sneaks out of the kitchen. On Friday he made the decision to take out a few of the Nile Cabbage that he had put in the water as it was blocking the favorite open area where the fish congregate in the afternoon! Anyone heading to River Camp anytime soon be sure to ask Daudi about his fish…


Going even further north which is an exciting statement in its self well we were all set to get the roads in just over a week ago but the heavens opened and the water came up which put a stop to that project. However not to be defeated by a little thing called rain we sent the teams up by boat to get started on the challenge of getting the camps open. On a daily basis there is a very slow and bumpy drive to the Kawaluzi river to see if the water has dropped sufficiently for us to get the bridge in but the answer keeps on coming in as a no! Not to worry the boat will ferry up grass, cement, bamboos and all the paraphernalia required whilst we wait for Mother Nature to take its time doing its thing! Hopefully by the time I chat with you all next week we will have managed to get up there by car so watch this space I will keep you all posted.

So there you have this weeks behind the scenes round up and next week I promise more updates from what is happening in the camps but also out in the bush so between now and then have a fabulous time with lots of laughter and fun.






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