Its Monday 16th May 2016 and a week of merriment, remembrance and amazement

I hope that you are all well and have had a fabulous weekend wherever in the world that it is that you are sitting reading this from. Here in the Luangwa it’s that time of the year for us when everything is kicking off and it’s all systems go.

Where do we start… well the first part brings us also to the last part. We started the week with a long trip to Luangwa River Camp where we started getting ready to turn the 10 bedded camp temporarily into a 21 bedded camp. The challenge was slightly easier than first anticipated and appears “touch wood” to have been a success. Why this also brings us to the end is that we were increasing the beds at River Camp so exponentially because we had a large contingent from Malawi descending for the annual Johnny Ambrose Rugby tournament when we remember such an amazing young man who so sadly lost his life so many years ago. With the sadness and remembrance also comes a huge time for so many of us to all come together and coupled with lots of people and plenty of incredibly generous donations we raised a large sum of money which all goes towards conservation in the South Luangwa.

Mixed in with all of this we also of course have had plenty of other activity with regards to getting the camps open for the first guests arriving beginning of next week. The most amazing of events was the most wonderful way in which the tractor managed to get stuck… we arrived to see a mound of sand piled up either side of the tractor and when we walked around we found that it was stuck in about 4 inches of water yet the tyres were some 2foot down in the sand! It was like our own special version of quick sand, we couldn’t dig fast enough. However not to be defeated by such a project, 5 hours of digging and jacking we managed to get the tyres to ground level and then popped the tractor out like a cork!








Asides from that slight diversion we did manage to see several hyena, lots of elephants and not to mention the numerous yellow billed storks who were diving, swooping and soaring above as we were quite close to the stork colony.

In terms of gameviewing our lion out the back behind Nkwali have been calling and it appears that maybe she has attracted a suitor as a lovely male lion was spotted yesterday at the pontoon.



It would be fantastic for our pride of three to have some additional company – lets wait and see what happens on that front. In the park the guests still continue to be spoilt with plenty of wild dog sightings – I do believe that this year we have had more sightings than ever before and I must admit I do worry about setting expectations! We have also been having some wonderful leopard sightings including a lovely, albeit slightly timid, female dashing across the road dragging her kill between her legs before finding refuge in a nearby tree.



The pontoon is also open and we have found that our resident journey of giraffes have become very relaxed and there must be in excess of 20 or so of them so that really is a treat to see on a regular basis.













As you can see there really is no respite from it all and whilst every year we say that the game viewing simply can’t get any better – every year it seems to continue to improve and amaze. I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell as I really must dash off – all the teams are in and everyone is wanting a little bit of attention. Off I go until next Monday and in the meantime I hope that you all have a fantastic week with lots of smiles and laughter.







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