Its Monday 23 May 2016 and they’re open

I hope that you are all well and have had a fabulous weekend I am trying to fluff this up but really there is nothing else to say except to launch you all straight into it and say welcome back Tena and Nsefu.

The teams have been working tirelessly to get the camps up and running and each and every year it doesn’t matter how confident we feel a couple of weeks out, it is absolutely positively always taken down to the wire. Team Tena were happily cruising along thinking that everything was going to be ready easily on time with the one small problem in that the new floors in room 3 and 4 didn’t quite dry as fast as we had hoped and so couldn’t be sealed. Simple enough I hear you say except sealing the floors takes 3 days and we couldn’t paint the bathroom walls or put up the tents until it was all done. Now when you only have 5 days left to open this leads to some intense nail biting. But rest assured the first guests arrived yesterday and today camp is totally full so the team are having no gentle introduction into the season.









At this point I do think that we should just keep you in the loop on the team and let you know that there has been no re-shuffle at all at Tena with Bertram and Christabel still at the helm followed by Julius and Nyambe cracking on with the guiding side of everything and the rest of the team slipping in behind them everyone stays the same. Also this year just as a heads up I am expecting great things for its Monday from Bertram as he has got a new camera and has already sent me a couple of amazing photos which he took earlier in the year so as a sneak preview take a look at this lovely leopard photo.


Now moving on to Nsefu there has been quite a shake up there this year both on the camp front but also the team. As I have previously mentioned the dinning room has gone so Patrick the head chef is in major panic mode about where we will be serving his food. The rooms have remained the same but I hate to say it; that river is just getting closer and closer so much so that we are starting to seriously worry. Sebastian is managing Nsefu this year with Ruth who is new to the team and bringing in some Swiss precision to the workings of it all and Braston is no longer a part of the Nsefu team as he has taken over Luangwa Bush Camping because Kanga is heading up to the Mupamadzi with Jason. Gosh that was a lot of information in one sentence. Needless to say we will be keeping you posted with everything that happens and as soon as we get information from the teams of what they have been seeing we will be making you all insanely jealous of all the fabulous sightings.


Speaking of fabulous sightings we have had a week of surround sound lion calling once more. The lions have been calling all around Nkwali as well as on the opposite side of the river and towards the end of week the guests didn’t even have to move from breakfast as 4 lions just popped out of the bushes and walked down the river bank and along the sand bank right infront of everyone. There really is no better way that we can expect to start the day that is for sure.










For this week though I think that that is all we are going to have time for. We have Jacob up looking for Shoebills this week with guests so hopefully he will be back in time to give us a few stories of what they have seen for next its Monday. As well as hearing about the first weeks worth of sightings from the Nsefu sector so before I ramble on for too long I shall stop myself there and bid you all a very fond farewell and have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter.









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