Its Monday 2nd May 2016 and yawning lions and amazing skies

I do hope that you are all in fine fettle having had a splendid weekend and ready and raring for whatever it is that this week has in store for you…

All the way over here in Zambia well we were all super excited about the onset of some slightly cooler weather and clear skies but somehow we seem to be quite toasty with huge cloud build ups. Lets just keep our fingers and toes crossed for no rain because at the moment we are struggling to get up and down from Tena and Nsefu. Speaking of which lets head up there and give you a quick update…. Yes we managed to get up there which was exciting although I do fear that I returned a couple of inches shorter than how I set off! Needless to say the roads were not great but the Kawaulzi bridge is in and a new model this year which really is fab and definitely in a style which fills you with much more confidence when driving across it.


As for the camps well Tena Tena is situation normal and under control and Bertie is doing a fab job and getting the troops on the move and getting things open. Nsefu well news from there is that the river bank undercut so much under the dinning room that we had to take it down! This year we will be embracing dining under the stars.

The concept of dinning under the stars does allow me to digress quickly and share with you the most magical evening that the guests had at Pumulani on Saturday. Josh had prepared a dinner out on the beach for everyone and this is the view that they had from the table – not bad hey!

Anyways I digress but I couldn’t help myself from sharing this magical photo with you all.


So back in the valley and a little round up about what the guests have been up to and seeing. There has been lots happening in the park (and out for that matter) and I have issued specific instruction to the guides to tell me all that they have been seeing except for wild dog stories as we have been inundated with them so for this week I am going to ignore that side of gameviewing! We have however been seeing lots of leopards and lots of lions. As per usual the lions have been lying under nice shady trees sleeping and doing very little except the occasional roll over and huge yawn. A pride of 7 which the guests had watched sleeping for a while made a vague attempt at a stretch and then a hunt but sort of failed miserably so just went back to sleep. Elephants are everywhere well they appear to be at any rate and Natasha and Dennis were out in the park on Saturday and spent a lovely moment with a young elephant still not in full control of his trunk chasing ducks around and having a whale of a time.








What else well its that time of the year for the impalas are going through their annual rut which basically means an awful lot of distraction, lots of snorting and the males tails fluffed up and standing upright light a beacon whilst chasing off other males. Its quite a spectacle and I can honestly tell you that they are so involved with what is going on that they really take no notice of anything else!


On that distracted note I am going to scoot off for this week as it’s the start of the week and we have the usual bonanza of getting things started for the day and week along with our weekly trip to Luangwa River Camp to say hi to Daudi and Christabel (for the last time at River Camp before she heads back up to Tena for the season). Daudi will be staying at River Camp and will be joined by Yvonne who is coming out in 2 weeks time so I am sure that there will be updates from her once she is settled.


I really am going now so have a fabulous week and don’t for get to laugh and smile as much as possible.












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