Its Monday 30th May 2016 and a bang and a roar of an opening week at Nsefu

I hope that you are all well! Now let me tell you there has been no stopping Nsefu as we have opened camp with a pretty spectacular day 2 sighting which, well I mean – amazing.


Obviously I wasn’t there so I am going to hand you over to Ruth to tell the story as a first hand witness on her second day working with RPS. Ruth over to you:

“This is our second day of the new season. It is 05.00 a.m. and we are preparing breakfast along the riverside. Dawn is about to break and two guests are already sitting by the fire enjoying the early sounds of the bush.

Then one of our staff is looking across the river and notices a lioness coming towards the edge. She seems to get chased by other females. She wades into the water, looking very uncertain but to our amazement she seems to want to cross to our side. More guests arrive for breakfast whilst she is slowly moving towards us, stopping every now and again. Will she cross? She is obviously scared of the strong current and the high possibility of getting attacked by a crocodile. All the same, she keeps coming closer. Then she hits deep water, starts swimming and gets slightly pushed downriver by the current. She needs to swim hard now and comes ashore just at the last chalet which is a bit further down from where we are standing. As the light is getting better one of our guides all of a sudden notices the two male lions from the Nsefu pride standing upriver on our side, about 50 meters away. They are completely fixated on the lioness and it appears as if they want to welcome her.









Together with our guests we are standing right in between them. With all this activity going on left, right and centre we do not know where to look anymore, let alone have breakfast.


The male lions start walking inland towards our bar area whilst the lioness is waiting underneath a big tree which stands between the guest area and staff village. We are losing sight of the males now. The female does not make a move yet. At this point our guests and guides are eager to go out into the bush by car to see exactly what is going on and then, as we are waving off the last vehicle the female suddenly appears right in between the chalets. She seems to be searching for the two males.









A quick look tells her that they are not by the riverbank anymore so she turns around and disappears into the bush. What a magical way to start a new day!”

Thanks so much Ruth and all I can say is WOW! I mean if this is a precursor to forthcoming attractions we are in for an amazing season at Nsefu so fingers crossed and we shall definitely keep you posted. On that note, well not much else really that can follow on from this except for me to bid you all a very fond farewell and until next week with more sightings from the Luangwa that are bound to make you jealous.






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