Its Monday 9th May 2016 and whats been happening in the Luangwa

I hope that you are all well and had a lovely weekend.  Here, well things have been fabulous as always, but it has to be said that there is definitely a shift in the weather and its rather cold so the jumpers and duvets are being brought out.

A quick digression across to Malawi as we speak about the temperatures.  Rob was recently at Mkulumadzi and it was so cold in the morning that there were rather lovely plumes of smoke coming off the water as it rushed down across the rocks.  At Pumulani the colder weather has meant more stunning and clear skies with almost unbelievable amounts of stars as the guests were treated to a romantic dinner out on the beach.








Dashing back to the Luangwa and we are full speed ahead with camp opening and Rob and I are enjoying our weekly trips up to Nsefu and Tena and have already had some lovely sightings of little bee eaters and even a rather unique sighting of a Wildebeest trotting across the Mtanda plain all on its own!  Speaking of unique sightings Bertram saw zebra up at four ways.  Whilst I realize that this may not sound strange to those of you reading this we have never seen Zebra in that area of the park before and so the sighting and its details were noted down in Bertram’s sightings diary which goes to show just how rare it was.  Then just as confirmation Rob and I saw Zebra there along with another and we can only assume different Wildebeest!  Tena has had frequent nightly visits from Hyena and the resident big male leopard and whilst the guides haven’t been out and about we can only assume that this is a good sign for future sightings.








We obviously have to touch on the progress in camps just to keep you all in the loop!  Tena has already got a couple of the tents up and most importantly the bar is fully functional – well except for the drinks!  The last room floor is being completed on Wednesday then we need to simply sit and watch it dry for a week before we can do anything else.  And lastly Christabels’ room has been organized and sorted ready for her arrival a week today, where I am sure she will be getting everyone to start the cleaning process.  Up at Nsefu, well things continue to motor on and despite the lack of a dining room we have decided on a lovely area for outside dinning which will be just, as if not more lovely.  Braston and Sebastian are doing a great job however Braston will soon be heading back to Nkwali as he will be getting everything ready for Bush Camping which also opens in 2 weeks time – no pressure!


Luangwa River Camp is looking fab and seen some major maintenance jobs and Daudi is currently in a calm panic mode as he is preparing the camp for 21 guests arriving on Friday.  Let us remember that Luangwa River Camp is supposed to be a 10 bedded camp!  Why so many people – well the Malawi crowd are descending for our annual Johnny Ambrose Rugby Tournament.  Then last but not least Luangwa House, well we have finished chopping, chiseling, hacking, breaking, damaging and destroying – you get the gist…  and are now putting everything back together and cleaning up the mess before installing the breeze beds ready for the guests later this week.

Despite all the maintenance Nkwali continues to run normally and the guests have had some wonderful sightings including lots of elephants, leopards and even mating lions so as you can see there is no stopping the guides this week.

So from me that is all for this installment I am going to leave you all to your week.  Hope that you have a fabulous time with lots of smiles and laughter.







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