Its Monday 27th June 2016 and more incredible sightings

Where to begin… it just seems to be never ending so lets start with a controversial one… do crocodiles hunt on land? Ahh you see now there’s the question and one that has recently reared its questionable head. Daudi was out on a game drive from Luangwa River Camp, came around a corner and bearing in mind he was quite far inland; he saw a crocodile dragging a full sized female impala across the black cotton soil. Question is did the crocodile actually stalk and kill the impala or did it steal the kill from another predator? I guess we will never know unless someone out there has actually witnessed the hunting and killing process…


Next amazing sighting from Daudi was upon finding a huge herd of buffalo; they parked the car and with the scout walked up along a gully to get a better view of them. Everything was perfect, wind and gully location, so they snuck up and popped their heads up and as they did there was a lioness just strolling past completely ignoring the buffalo but intent on stalking and hunting some impalas. Talk about luck – mind you Daudi would probably disagree and say that it was his incredible guiding skills and bush intuition! Lets rest on a combination…

News from Nkwali – well there has been all sorts of goings on including wild dogs hunting and killing a puku right behind camp on the first day that we had put the roads in on the property. Then we have the lions which have all got a little complicated with our usual three then a pride of 6 moving through and a couple of males wandering around. Who knows how it is all going to settle but we are certainly keeping an eye on proceedings.








Over at Tena – the hyena pups from last years’ den are all grown up and have been seen quite frequently which is always great to see. The den has been taken over by warthogs, so you never know at the end of the season we may have some little piglets frantically running around the place.















As for Nsefu – after lunch is usually the time of day for us all to relax and have a bit of a snooze but the regular elephant crossings culminated last week with quite a spectacle. From the other side of the river all sorts of trumpeting was heard and it wasn’t long before the first elephant popped out from the trees, then the next, and the next and they just kept on coming. All of them heading straight for the water and upon reaching the edge of the river there was lots of pushing, shoving, splashing and blatant excitement. The teenagers playing together, the babies in the middle of the herd being protected and then all of a sudden the games ended and they all started to cross. The youngest becoming completely submerged in the deeper stretches of water with just their trunks sticking up for air before being gently nudged and coaxed out on the other side. In total there were 34 elephants that crossed and it really was a spectacular sighting.







And quickly before I bid you all a fond farewell for this week a quick scoot across the border to Mkulumadzi; where they have been having some fantastic game viewing including regular sightings of the lions who seem to be thriving in their new home. The leopards are around but are still rather timid, however there have been more sightings of them this year so far than in previous years. Over at Pumulani life on the lake of stars is living up to its name with the guests left in awe at the skies and looking at the stars and planets through our state of the art telescope. This time of the year with the colder weather the air is crisp and the skies clear which affords some incredible opportunities to stare up at our outer universe.


So there you have it for this week, a brief roundup from everywhere but whilst it may be brief it is jam packed with plenty of amazing sightings and stories and has hopefully kept you all in the loop and topped up with news from us here at Robin Pope Safaris. So cheerio for now and hope that you all have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and who knows what next weeks’ story will be about but rest assured there will be plenty to talk about.






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