Its Monday 6th June 2016 and a safari with Yona

Hello there everyone I hope that you are all well, sitting comfortably, had a lovely weekend and are now ready to take a quick safari with Yona. Let me tell you, I think that the photos will tell us most of the story and I am sure that there will be some cooing but before we get on to that part lets get the story going. Regular guests Markus and Nancy Paquet have recently spent a few days at River Camp before heading up to Nsefu – determined to give the Nsefu team a run for their money Yona pulled out all the stops! In just 3 days at Luangwa River Camp you would be amazed with what they saw; everything from the Yellow billed Storks which are in the full breeding plumage and showing off a dashing pink tone to heaps and heaps of elephants doing everything from crossing the river to stretching up for a tasty morsel. Hyenas sniffing around looking for scraps of food and not to forget the magnificent views of the Luangwa valley.
















There are two stories which really can’t help but catch your attention. The most fabulous lion sighting and however hard you try there is absolutely no resisting these fluffy little lion cubs and the team really were treated to quite a show. As they watched the youngsters being gathered up by mum and moved to where they should be; or at least where she wanted them although they didn’t necessarily agree. And one particularly feisty youngster giving a little bit of attitude towards the camera – I mean genius. I don’t think that I have to go on about it too much as the photos really do more than enough to tell the tale of such a beautiful scene.


Then lastly as if all of this was not enough on their last game drive just as they were coming into the harbor to get the boat back into camp they witnessed a rather chaotic mating monitor lizard affair. Basically long and short of it (and I am afraid you have to take our word for it as it was a little quick and no photos were taken!) the amorous pair were getting down to business whilst sort of hanging off the sheer edge of the Luangwa River bank. Not to mention this being a rather awkward position it wasn’t long before the water beneath them erupted and a crocodile launched itself out of the water shooting up about 2 meters out of the water and grabbing the monitor lizards. I promise you I was as flabbergasted as you when I heard the story. There is a bitter sweet ending to this story as the female somehow managed to wiggle and wrangle her way free from the crocs jaws but sadly her partner was nowhere to be seen and the heartbroken female sat in mourning until the next day when she eventually and slowly moved off.

So there you have it. As you can see there is no way that Yona is going to be out Its Monday’d! By Nsefu and Tena having opened up for the season and if this how things are kicking off already in terms of proliferation of game viewing I can only imagine what other stories we are going to have as the season progresses. For this week though I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you all have a fabulous week with as always plenty of smiles and laughter.





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