It’s Monday 11th July 2016 and getting wet, drying up and flying high at Stanley Safari Lodge.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your Monday so far and that you had a fabulous weekend. Here in the Luangwa we are busy as always with lots and lots of amazing sightings but I am going to dangle the bait and leave it at that until next week I am afraid… this week you are going to hear from the Stanley’s team for a bit of a change. So over to Jason and Belinda – and of course little Savannah:

‘Belinda, Savannah and I, as well as the Stanley Safari Lodge team, would like to say hello and welcome to where the adventure of a life time begins – we have been getting wet, drying up and flying high!!

When we arrived in Livingstone for the first time in November the river was low, the heat was high and bush was dry with evidence of elephants and buffalo all around us. Seeing The Victoria falls for the first time in November showed the great expanse of rock which the strong Zambezi river carves out to form a vast drop into the gorge. We spotted Helmet-shrikes and hornbills flying in and out of the deep canyon with a perfect view of the rainforest below the falls, it was amazing.

This time of year in contrast the surrounding landscapes have cooled down as they give into the winter. The impressive early morning mist formed by the heat from the unbelievable amount of water cascading over the Vic Falls hangs in the air. Getting a little wet from the resulting mist and spray makes for a magical experience for all.








One of our guests was lucky enough to fly through the spray on a microlight! They did not get as wet as you may think, an exhilarating and refreshing experience is a good description. From above in the microlight, they saw large herd of buffalo having crossed over from Zimbabwean side into Zambia, no mean feat considering the strength of the Zambezi River.





















The adventurous Rhino walk has been extremely popular, recent sightings of the huge male bull and mama with her newborn have proved a real highlight. Seeing such large animals on foot is an experience never to forget, we have also had a lucky sighting of the rare hartebeest in the last week.


The nightjars and barn owls are especially vocal at night. Elusive and hard to find but they do make themselves heard. The bird life has been great around the lodge and also along the river. Another recent sound of the night has been the traditional drummers, who along with our team of excellent chefs, have been entertaining the guests around the campfire under the stars, in our traditional Boma Night!

A new 20 minute helicopter flight has recently been launched, and entails a sharp drop into the gorge flying low over the river, taking swinging turns around the racing rapids. I have also had guests coming back from this ride having seen elephants crossing the river near the main island close to the falls drop.


We and all the staff at Stanley Safari Lodge would love to welcome you here, come get wet at the falls, dry out on the Rhino walk and get a greater perspective of the mighty Victoria Falls from the air. Perhaps to even take a leap of faith off the Historical Bridge into the gorge below, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 bungee.


We all look forward to meeting you at Stanley Safari Lodge.’

Thanks Jason and Belinda and certainly a fun filled time to be had by all at Stanley’s. There is however also many an opportunity for a more sedentary approach and sipping a gin and tonic on the banks of the Zambezi is something that I can assure you I am slightly more familiar with… Other than that though I am going to sign off for today and bid you all a very fond farewell for yet another week. I hope that you all have a fabulous time, laugh lots and look after each other.






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