Its Monday 25th July 2016 and never mess with a wild dogs breakfast

Hello and happy Monday to all you readers out there and hope that you have had a fabulous weekend one way or the other; and are now sitting comfortably ready for another instalment of stories from the Luangwa. To be honest with you the wildlife continues to perform in miraculous ways and before I get overly distracted a small snippet of good news. The Nkwali orphans – if you remember a few weeks ago I spoke about our lioness being killed and eaten and we were terribly worried about the two cubs (well 2 ½ year olds). Well Kiki saw them up a tree in the park last week and then a few moments later successfully killing a warthog. So for now at least it looks like they are getting by and we shall just have to wait and see what happens. In terms of Ginger, the male lion that ate their mother, well he decided to find another female to mate with. He did so under the deck at Luangwa House after which he let out the most enormous roar waking all the guests up with a definite adrenaline rush at 5am.

Enough about the lions, lets move on to the Wild Dogs and Simon Cousins had the most fabulous sighting of them last weekend as they hunted down and killed a puku. Seeing dogs working together like this and then (please excuse the gory details) devour their prey is quite an extraordinary sight.









As if that wasn’t enough some foolish hyena decided that it would make the most of the situation and try to grab some breakfast for itself.




























Well that decision quite literally turned round and bit it in the bum! They watched as the drama unfurled around them. To start with the pack of 13 had pretty much seen to most of the puku and had started moving off leaving just 5 dogs when a hyena started to muscle in on the action. Walking in quite close before practically crawling onto the kill, bum tucked in, submissive and whimpering almost as if he knew he was about to get seriously reprimanded. Quite an entertaining scene and then as if he realized that he had pushed his luck and was aware of what was coming his way the hyena started cackling and squawking tucking his bottom even further under himself and then the chase began.


















Eventually slightly full, fat and sleepy the dogs decided that really they were fighting for nothing at all and gave up the game leaving the hyena with a slight owey and delicious pile of bones!
An amazing sighting which I don’t think anyone is going to forget in a hurry.

Other than that well its quite a tricky one to follow on from but I can give you a few titbits from around the camps so that no one is left out…

Nkwali had a bush breakfast interrupted by a leopard as it killed an impala – the guests were mid bacon sandwich when chaos erupted around the corner so they all scrambled into the game viewer to go and enjoy the impromptu sighting.


Luangwa House is surrounded by elephants at the moment making it rather tricky sometimes for the guests to get in and out of the house – this is not in any way a complaint… simply joys of the bushlife.


Nsefu has had quite a few honey badger sightings which is always a highlight as the boxers of the bush (sorry I always think of honey badgers as tough little guys who are real scrappers) are seen scurrying across the road in their rather sturdy manner.

Tena Tena has had so many different amazing sightings including a walk which was watching a journey of giraffes who suddenly from their great height looked down at something and there was a hyena with a puku skull. Slightly distracted by the puku and a slight injury he hadn’t realized that his chums had left him so started whooping frantically and it wasn’t long before the rest of the clan had come to his rescue.

Finally Luangwa River Camp, well its elephants everywhere you look and the guests were treated to 30 plus crossing the river at breakfast and walking straight towards camp. Almost no need to go anywhere!

So there you have it for this week a slightly longer than anticipated round up of everything but I do like to keep you all in the loop with what is going on in the camps. Between now and next Monday have a great week with lots of smiles and laughter.





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