Its Monday 22 August 2016 and safari dreaming

Hello there everyone, I hope that you are all well following another smashing weekend.  Here in the Valley let me say that it’s August and the August winds certainly seem to have arrived bang on time.  This means everything is being whipped up from the ground and the leaves are being whipped off the trees as they all start to fall and the groundsmen spend 99% of their day running around raking them all up.  The other thing that it very scarily signifies is the end of the cold snap so it won’t be long until all the winter woolies are washed up and packed away for another year.

However I feel pretty certain that this is not what you want to be hearing about so let me give you a few stories from some of the camps on what has been going on.  To start with lets talk about a wonderful and successful marriage proposal on the banks of the Luangwa River whilst watching a leopard walking past in the distance.


I mean surely it doesn’t get better than that.  The happy couple then headed back to Luangwa River Camp for a champagne and candle lit dinner for the two of them.  The following day after having said their goodbyes and heading up to Tena the guests were treated to a sighting of 3 leopards cautiously on a kill.  When I say cautiously that is because none of them wanted to give it up and being predominantly solitary creatures none of them wanted to share.  Talk about a catch 22!


Tena Tena has also had a busy couple of weeks with some incredible sightings both in camp and out on safari.  Including the start of one or two Carmine Bee-Eaters coming in and the large numbers of bull elephants congregating at the crossing point.









But it’s not what the guests have been seeing out of camp that we really want to talk about but what’s been seen in camp.   One guest got a little bit of a surprise when they discovered a pair of lions taking it easy under the shade by the sofas in front of their tent!  As if this wasn’t enough one of the lions then decided to have a quick read but apparently the light wasn’t good enough so removed the copy of the Safari Dreaming book from the table and took it out onto the beach where he proceeded to flick, lick and chew through the pages!  Needless to say upon returning to the tent said guest really did ask Bertram to have a good look around.








Whilst we are on the subject of lions we also have some good news in that our two orphans that I wrote about a few weeks ago – their mother was killed in an encounter with a bigger pride.  Well we were all very worried about them as they weren’t seen for a few weeks but they have been spotted a couple of times and looking well despite a couple of scratches.  The last sighting of them was one that caused quite a lot of amusement as they were hunting a warthog, which ran into a hole.  The siblings parked themselves at the edge of the hole waiting for the warthog to come out but as time passed and they got a little bored they dozed off at which point the warthog took advantage of the situation and ran out scaring them to the point that the lions also ran off.  Slightly ashamed of what had happened they sauntered off into the distance.


So there you have it a lion packed its Monday this week and I haven’t even told you about the amazing sightings that we have been having down at Nkwali or up at Nsefu but hey I have to leave you all wanting more and also keep something for next week.  On which note I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week with a lot of smiles and laughter.






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