Its Monday 8th August 2016 and another day up on Mobiles

Hello and happy Monday everyone I hope that you are all well sitting comfortably and ready to feel insanely jealous as we hear from Barry and Rachel Chapman who have just returned home after one of our 7 night Mobiles trips.  So for this week I am delighted to pass over the Its Monday duty to Rachel Chapman:



A day on a mobile safari

After a 5.30am breakfast we set off to walk to our next camp. Our scout Yona immediately found fresh lion tracks, heading east the same way as us.

We strolled through the lovely bush, stopping regularly to talk about things that our guide Jason spotted. We found out about so many different birds, animals and plants along the way, with Jason expertly picking up on what we were most interested in. I asked for and received some brilliant tutoring on birds of prey identification. Jason pointed out l a myriad of different animal tracks including leopard, baboon, porcupine and crocodile. And we continued to see our two male lion tracks which we continued following until we were confronted with a glistening pile of droppings that Jason reckoned were less than two hours old.








As we approached our campsite at about 11.30 we saw a few elephants heading towards the river. As we watched, more and more appeared, with eventually over 30 drinking and playing in the mud and water. Our spotter Geoffrey gave a quiet whistle, to signal he’d seen something. We turned and about 200m behind us was a huge bull elephant,  heading towards the group in the river – and we were right in his path. After a quick discussion we crept silently to our right, then stayed motionless as he appeared to be looking right at us, before strolling past. Jason explained later that because he couldn’t smell us or see us move, he literally just didn’t notice us!



We made it to camp without further incident. And after a well earned lunch, siesta then tea and cake we set off for our afternoon walk at 4pm. The lion tracks were still going east so we headed in that direction too. Yona pointed out some buffalo ahead. We moved down wind and a little closer.

They looked at us and we looked at them, until a whistle from Geoffrey alerted us to something else. “Under that bush” he whispered, pointing about 300m away. We had found our two big male lions, fast asleep!








“Let’s see how close we can get” whispered Jason. We crept closer until we were about 100m away, then something must have given us away as one popped his head up and looked right at us. A brief staring match took place before he slowly moved away from us further into the grass and that was the last we saw of him.

The day finished over sundowners, talking about what we had seen and watching the incredible stars emerge as the sunset and the sky turned an inky black.

All in all, an exceptional day and one of many on what was a wonderful walking trip.

Thank you so much Rachel and Barry its always great to hear first hand about someone’s safari and it certainly seems like Jason and the team showed you a great time.  In the meantime however news from here at Nkwali a small brief snippet to leave you with in that we have had lions camped out right opposite Nkwali bar for the last few days feeding on a hippo kill.  As you can imagine its been quite the bonus for all the guests and guides having everything unfold infront of them from the comfort of the bar with a cold gin and tonic!  What better way to spend the week.  So on that note and with out further digression I am going to bid you all a very warm farewell and hope that you have a splendid week with lots of smiles and laughter and I will be back next Monday with more updates from life in the Luangwa.







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