It’s Monday 28th November 2016 and photos first

I do hope that you are well and have had a fabulous weekend. Well I have to tell you something no sooner had I written my It’s Monday last week and complained about the lack of rains did the clouds build and the heavens open!! How wonderful the week has been as we have seen the transformation in the bush from dusty, dry and desperate to clean, green and hopeful.

However that is not what we are talking about today in fact we are going to actually not talk too much at all and just enjoy another fabulous series of photos from Kanwar Juneja who has just been back out for his annual visit and has once more captured some incredible images of life in the Luangwa. So for this week feast your eyes on these lovely images.






Thanks so much Kanwar for once again sharing your photographs with us we really do appreciate it not to mention how jealous it makes us all.

Other than that well this morning Rob and I are off to Luangwa River Camp as the last guests came out yesterday so we are heading over there to pull out various bits and pieces from the camp and the team are busy getting it closed up. So that is it all the camps that need to be closed are now officially closed until we start the cycle again of opening them up in 6 weeks time.

For this week though I think that I am going to keep my chit chat to a minimum and bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have another fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter.






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