It’s Monday 12th December 2016 and the change of seasons at Mkulumadzi

I hope that fabulous weekends have been had by all and that an equally wonderful week is about to ensue. So what news from the valley? Well we are heading to a different valley today and going all the way down to Majete to hear from Erik and the team down there as they breath a sigh of relief that they have finally received some rain. So for this week Erik over to you:

“The dry season has officially come to an end, even here in the Lower Shire Valley. What a strange sensation it is to be covered in cold wet rain after having spent the last months living in an oven!
Green grass and leaves are transforming the landscape and it feels good to watch Majete’s grazers and browsers having some truly enjoyable feeding sessions for the first time in months.








Little baby impalas and warthog piglets are sprouting up from everywhere and the birds are singing their hearts out, welcoming the rains.


The lion pride spent a good week patrolling and hunting along the Mkulumadzi river and gave us many nice sightings. Big brother, Sapitwa, is definitely the one in control of queen Shire now and has been following her everywhere, never letting her out of his sight. His brother Chimwala is always found a small distance away, sulking in the shade and bearing marks and scars of their altercations of brotherly rivalry.








Shires new cub is not so little anymore and never misses a chance to bask in Sapitwa’s presence, eating together, walking together, resting together it’s a wonderful and magical sight.


One of Majete’s young rhino bulls that lives along the Shire River is becoming increasingly gracious in granting us with sightings. He is often found sleeping or browsing next to the road and doesn’t mind a bunch of excited and starry-eyed people taking his picture. “Lundu” (standing on the road) a former resident of Liwonde National Park, is the oldest bull in the reserve and recently had to have his horn trimmed and filed down a bit since he has become the main suspect of inflicting injury upon the younger bulls. Despite this he is happy to stop for us when our paths cross to let us take his photo before he carries on with his day.


So the season is changing and boy are we privileged to be the lucky front row spectators to see the marvels unfolding before us! We are ready for more rains and all that they can bring.”

Thanks Erik it certainly sounds like the wildlife is definitely relieved at the change of season and showing off as a result – thanks for updating us.

Here in the Luangwa Valley well the lions have been patrolling each side of the river bank calling all night which is always just so magical. And even better now as the temperatures have cooled enough that fans are not an essential to sleep so you can hear all the wonderful sounds of the bush. We have had a couple of large elephant bulls around camp mostly hanging out in the lagoon which is always a highlight not to mention the regular leopard sightings that the guides have been enjoying in the park.

I think that for this week though we are going to say goodbye and see what stories come out over the next week to keep you all reading. In the meantime have a fab week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter.





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