It’s Monday 19th December 2016 and 9 nights at Nkwali

I hope that you are fabulously well and have had a spectacular weekend. Here from the delightfully green Luangwa Valley we are all having a fabulous time and slowly but surely getting ready for Christmas which I must admit has really rather crept up on us this year. I fear that this week is going to be rather busy with all the preparations.

So while I crack on with decorating trees and cooking some of my Christmas goodies I am going to leave you in the very capable hands of Michelle Gruenhut and Marcus Steger from Switzerland who returned home a couple of weeks ago after spending 9 days with us here at Nkwali. So Michelle and Marcus over to you:

“We are regular safari goers and travel almost every year to Africa for vacation usually to different locations. However when we first met Fred in 2015 we immediately recognized not only his expertise but exceptional guide quality. Due to the outstanding sightings that we had in the South Luangwa and because of Fred, we decided to come back to Nkwali this year. We were not disappointed…








Due to the rain that had already arrived we thought that the bush was quieter than when we were last here in October. However there were baby impalas absolutely everywhere, which is always fabulous to see. It also certainly did not mean that the game viewing was quiet and we were thrilled to bump into a pack of wild dogs one morning. We watched them resting in the shade, being chased away by elephants and enjoyed watching the younger dogs playing and running around.


When an impala crossed their way the ‘doggies’ became real predators within seconds. We were lucky to see them hunting on 3 different afternoons. They moved so quickly that most of the time we arrived just a few seconds after they caught their prey. Fred then spotted 2 baby impalas and we knew that the dogs are going after them. We had just enough time to set up our camera before the dogs rushed out and caught one of the 2 impalas. We were excited to see all of this happening in front of us although to be honest we also felt sad for the little impala which had a very short life but sadly this is nature.









The game viewing didn’t stop there either and we had a hippo camped out in the lagoon at Nkwali, which made the afternoons sitting by the pool an additional activity.








We also had several absolutely fantastic leopard sightings which as far as we are concerned are impossible to get bored of.








Thanks Fred for another wonderful safari and we will be back again soon!”

Thanks Michelle and Marcus for the stories and fabulous images which really illustrate what you have told us perfectly! We look forward to your next visit.

Other than that well a small update as really I can not resist telling you all and whilst it is not a raging torrent the river has actually come up a little bit and is now slightly more than a trickle and less of an embarrassment to the name of being a river! We still need a lot more rain though before we can get the boats in and start moving around that way but don’t panic I will absolutely keep you posted. This morning the red chested cuckoo is really going for it so you never know hopefully it means that we are in for some more rain which would be fab so lets wait and see.

Right for now though I am definitely going to head off as I do need to start getting myself organized and ready. The next It’s Monday will be hitting you on Boxing Day so I am taking a wild guess to let you know in advance that I will be telling you all about our festivities in the bush. Between now and then have a great time with lots of smiles and laughter.





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