It’s Monday 26 December 2016

It’s Monday and Merry Christmas

Hello there everyone I hope that you are all very well and have had a truly wonderful Christmas.  We at RPS would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year.


In terms of how we celebrated Christmas well we like to stick to our traditions here as with every family we all have our own little way of doing things but everyone seemed to have had a fabulous time.  Obviously festivities are kicked off with the Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve, which is always a wonderful get together of all the different lodges in the valley set in the beautiful Kalawani Pans.  Lots of sparkling wine, snacks, singing and general festivities are enjoyed by all before heading back to camp for dinner.  We were all incredibly fortunate as the weather held off and we had a beautiful sunset albeit a little on the warm side.  The weather also behaved for the most part of Christmas day as I can assure you that trying to transport large plates of turkey to the Christmas table under the pouring rain is really no fun at all.  All of the Christmas festivities done and dusted a little bit of rain just to help cool things down and then an afternoon game drive done on a very leisurely pace.



So there you have it for how we celebrate Christmas in camp lets now talk about the serious business of how we celebrate Christmas in the park with some quite simply fantastic game viewing.  In fact before we even get into the park let me tell you about the veritable leap of leopards that Thomas saw at the beginning of the week!!  Just behind camp he bumped into a female leopard with her three cubs and as if that wasn’t enough they were there with a big tom who we assume was dad and they were on an impala kill….  Quite something.  Dad was being terribly patient initially letting the family feed but soon hunger got the better of him and he muscled in and nudged everyone off and got stuck into the feast.
Also behind camp we have had several sightings of a lone wildebeest well he is not alone he is chilling out with a herd of zebras but still a pretty great sighting all the same.


 Heading into the park and continuing on the theme of not a great week for impalas two lionesses were spotted chasing down an impala and then making the kill just opposite Nkwali and as if that wasn’t enough the big pack of wild dogs which we have been seeing lots also killed an impala which they dutifully did so on the main road to allow for a great sighting.  The 23 dogs were all whooping and socializing around the kill and trying desperately to get a nose in because I can tell you that 23 dogs and 1 impala does not a feast make!
After all these fantastic sightings the guests have been coming back to camp to relax but at Luangwa House there is no stopping.  Don’t think that once you are back at the house that the game viewing is over; a couple of days ago there were some 70 elephants all around and in front of the house it was the most fantastic sighting.  It was also made all the better by the fact that for some reason with the almost luminous green of the grass the elephants just seem to happily glide through it looking so contented as there is a feast on every corner for them.


So for this week I have to be honest with you I think that that is pretty much it as we have been really rather focused on Christmas and ensuring that everything was organized for that and now here we are getting ready to wave goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 with open arms and great anticipation.  This leaves me I suppose with my last words of the year which are to wish you all the most fabulous week full of laughter and joy with your friends and family and hope that 2017 brings you all that you hope for.

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