It’s Monday 9th January 2017 and Narina Trogans and margaritas!

Happy Monday to you – I do hope that you have had an absolutely smashing weekend. Here in the Luangwa, well what news? Lots to be honest with you, the question is where to start as always we need to launch into something and it wont be long before I start rambling on about all sorts of little bits and pieces so here goes…

It was with slight alarm that we managed to drive up to Nsefu at the beginning of the week as we went to go and check on both Nsefu and Tena and even more alarming given that we are starting our River Journeys in just a few weeks time. Panic not though as thankfully since we drove up apparently the presence of a car irritated someone upstairs and it has been raining there on and off this week and looking ahead at the weather forecast we have lots more rain on the way so the river will soon be coming up to the expected seasonal level.








Having also been taking close watch on the weather Daudi popped in to camp to get a game viewer as we are also re-opening Luangwa River Camp in a few weeks time and he wanted to get the car into camp before the roads got too muddy. He did succeed but there were a few occasions where he did get a little stuck but apparently it was the cars fault and definitely not his driving skills.

A quick check around camp to find that absolutely everything was fine with the exception of a large sausage tree having fallen down over his house but thankfully not making it all the way down and is currently being held up by some creepers swinging merrily in the breeze! Needless to say that will be the first job that we will tackle as soon as the teams go into camp.

Down here at Nkwali well we have had a wonderful week of game viewing with everything from big to small. Elephants continue to surround camp feasting on the wild mangoes and the surplus of food that they have available to them taking on a very relaxed approach as for now everything in their world is just fantastic.









A large herd of buffalo also came down into the open plains of Wakumba. The guides reckon in the region of 200 – 300 animals, which is always a sight to behold. It’s also a real treat to see such a big herd at this time of the year and like with the elephants there is something spectacularly surreal to see their dark bodies littering the vivid green plains. They just came down and feasted on the lush green grass grazing and chatting to each other as they went filling the air with their gentle moans.








Taking to the skies we have been seeing all sorts of wonderful birds: the wooly necked storks are in, the fire-crowned bishops are now wearing their full breeding plumage (well the chaps anyways as we do know that they like to show off a little bit!) and Thomas even saw a pair of Narina Trogans on one of his game drives. For those of you who are not avid ornithologists the Narina Trogan is always a complete highlight as they are rarely spotted and always in slightly thicker wooded areas so are quite tricky to see but they are spectacular looking birds with their scarlet and iridescent green plumage.

Lastly in contradiction to what I said at the beginning of this weeks It’s Monday about the water levels, the river at Nkwali has come up due to being fed by other rivers coming in south of Luangwa River Camp and has come up enough for us to be able to do a boat cruise or two. On Thursday morning Kiki came bounding into the office, sat down and asked me “how do I make margaritas?” Well out came the trusty cocktail book so that we got all of our measurements correct. Then a long discussion of how were we going to make our margaritas given that there was a significant lack of a cocktail shaker but as always a plan was made and a bottle of pre-made ice cold margarita mix found its way into a cooler box along with some yummy snacks and out onto the river. Maybe it was the strength of the drinks who knows but during the course of drifting down the river enjoying the beautiful sunset the evening was topped off with a lovely leopard sighting – I mean what better way to end the day. And what better way to end this weeks it’s Monday.

So on that note I shall bid you as always a very fond farewell and wish you a wonderful week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter.





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