Liuwa Plain with Robin Pope

Looking for an off the beaten track experience led by one of Africa’s finest guides… join us for a limited spaces on a few expeditions to the Liuwa with the legendary Robin Pope! We are offering 6 set departures, ranging between 3 & 4 nights each based at King Lewanika Safari Lodge:

12th April 3 nights
15th April 4 nights
19th April 3 nights
25th Nov 4 nights
02nd Dec 4 nights
6th Dec 3 nights

 Liuwa Plain National Park is situated in a remote section of Western Zambia. Few people have ventured into the Liuwa Plain due to its relative inaccessibility. However the prolific birdlife, vast open grasslands and wildebeest migration make it one of Africa’s last true wildernesses and a huge attraction to the bush fundi.


During December there will be dramatic skies with fantastic cloud build up and amazing electrical storms that pass through. This time of year blue wildbeest migrate from North West of the park, and can be viewed in their hundreds, often mingling with zebra. The plains come alive with many flowers covering the ground. In May and June the rains have gone, but there is plenty of water remaining in the pools providing water for all the inhabitants.


Liuwa Plains is home to many antelope species that are rare in other locations such as red lechwe, steinbuck, oribi, duiker and the occasional roans and tsessebe. African Parks has re-introduced eland and buffalo and their numbers are expected to increase. The area is famous for its abundant birdlife as a mix of plains and woodland allow a larger diversity of species. More unusual species include pink throated longclaw, sooty chat, black winged pratincoles and wattled cranes. The rolling grasslands and diversity give rise to many superb photographic opportunities.


 Join us for some fantastic birding and game viewing in this truly remote and sort after destination with guiding by the legendary Robin Pope as icing on the cake!

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