It’s Monday 17th April 2017 and news from Pumulani

I do hope that you are well, sitting comfortably and have had a wonderful Easter weekend. Here in the Luangwa there has been lots of Easter egg hunts, Easter bunny cookie making and of course plenty of wildlife. However this week we are not talking about the Luangwa, I am going to whisk you over to Lake Malawi for news from Charl about what has been going on at Pumulani. Charl over to you:

“The New Year has brought a few changes here at Pumulani, and for our regulars, I am sure you will be able to spot them. Subtle changes to the décor in the rooms and our new (still under construction) swimming pool is going to be a great addition.

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As we see off summer and welcome in the winter, the only tell-tale sign of the change in season is the slight drop in temperature and the leaves on the star chestnuts turning a golden orange. The rains were good and the Kasankha community is in high spirit with a large harvest. The lake level has risen after record low levels in 2016 and the Mwera wind from the South East has cleared the rain clouds. The gentle steady breeze offers perfect conditions for sailing or going out in our dhow.


Black, Ganizani and James are doing a great job in keeping our guests busy with activities. The hike to the top of the hill behind Pumulani is becoming a popular challenge, one accepted by our more adventurous guests! Despite some sweat and strain, the views are worth all the effort. We have also made some great rock art discoveries within Lake Malawi National Park, some a short stroll from the lodge and others a more adventurous hike away.

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Our community project to assist the local children with albinism has been a great success and in February we welcomed an additional 5 children from Nkopi School for the blind to our project. Despite the challenges these children face they always have a smile on their faces and really appreciate the generous assistance from our guests. We thank Janine Sergeant and John Best who very kindly supplied us with skin protection products and clothing for the children.

For stargazing you can’t get a better time of the year, the air is clear and Jupiter, The Moon, Nebulae and various constellations can be seen fairly early in the evening and for those willing to wait up, they can catch a glimpse of Saturn.


This week we welcome back regulars Sam, Sophie and Dean Everett. Sophie turns 9 years old during their stay and we have organized some great activities and surprises for the family. Sophie is a maestro at playing bawo, a traditional African board game. She has steadily improved her game and has proved to be a challenging competitor for our staff.”

Thanks Charl, it certainly sounds like it is all go at Pumulani, thanks so much for sharing your news with us and looking forward to seeing the new swimming pool finished.

Other than that, plenty going on in the Luangwa but I think that we should leave it for the next issue. So between now and next Monday I hope that you all have a wonderful time with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.





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