It’s Monday 12th June 2017 with a round up and the elephant’s trunk

I do hope that you are all fabulously well and have had a wonderful weekend. Here in the Luangwa needless to say it is full steam ahead with all the camps open (well almost all, we have yet to get our mobile walking safari camp up and running but that will be happening pretty soon!) so as you can imagine there are plenty of stories from what has been going on in all of the camps.

The leopards have been doing regular patrols around both Nkwali and Luangwa River Camp. At Nkwali we have been regularly seeing a lovely pair of leopard cubs behind camp which have been terrorizing the local baboon population.


Then at River Camp the leopard very kindly walked straight down the sand path behind the rooms, leaving a set of absolutely perfect tracks for everyone to examine in the morning. There is nothing like starting the day’s wildlife activities nice and early! Speaking of nice and early, there was a 3AM encounter for some of the River Camp guests a few days ago. They had forgotten the presence of some bananas and oranges in their bag and were woken up by a large grey trunk gently and meticulously poking around their bag looking for the prize whilst the owner of said trunk sheepishly hid behind the wall!!! I mean genius, you can just imagine the scene – so note to self: scrumptious fruits in rooms with elephants present equals an interrupted night’s sleep!

It does all seem to be happening at River Camp as well as the leopard and elephant trunk in the room, the elephants are now regularly crossing the river in front of camp which is always a treat. And we also have a pair of African Harrier Hawks roosting in the trees above the main area whom lead the morning charge into the park.

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Up at Nsefu there is a new hyena den that has been discovered, and what a start to the season as Julius sat with his guests and watched the birth of three hyena pups. Absolutely incredible to witness such a thing, they were born on some very fine sand so dried out almost instantly and then mum took them into the den. It was not long before they were back out and the adults all stood watch as the 3 siblings instantly got going with testing the waters as to who was king of the hill.

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Let’s not finish up there but instead head across to Malawi where we have been getting going on building a star-bed at Mkulumadzi. Just a few minutes from the lodge, perched on top of a koppie, we have been constructing a star bed. The site doesn’t just offer breath-taking views of the starry night skies, but 360 degree views of Majete Game Reserve for a spectacular sun rise. The star bed will feature solar lighting, a loo with a view and the usual comforts of a Robin Pope Safari’s lodge.

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So there you have it, a full round up – well pretty much – and to be honest with you we have barely even scratched the surface, but not to worry, we are not going anywhere and there will be plenty more stories still to come in future ‘It’s Mondays’. For this week though I am going to scoot off and leave you to it and wish you all a wonderful week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.



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