It’s Monday 19th June 2017 and wanderlusting

I do hope that everyone is well and after a fabulous weekend you are ready for another week ahead. So for this week, what news? There has been plenty of happenings including the annual pack up and departure of the mobiles team as they head up into the wilderness for the next few months. Seeing as they are only just leaving though, we do not have any stories yet of sightings from the Mupumadzi. Hopefully the reports will start coming down soon and I can fill you all in with what is going on. Above all else, I really look forward to being able to head up there to the truly magical spot, but for now we will need to wait to hear from Jason and Kanga about all the incredible walks that they are taking their guests on.

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Staying closer to home, we have been super busy and it feels like everywhere we look there are giraffes with youngsters which is always a lovely sight. Just imagine as an infant, the thought of having to grow up to 5 meters, and apparently for the males, the longer your neck the more attractive you are to the ladies!! Genius fact and I am rather pleased with that discovery! Other than giraffes we have also had a very unusual, if not slightly scary sighting of a black mamba and certainly one that is happily viewed at a distance.


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Other than giraffes we have also had a very unusual, if not slightly scary sighting of a black mamba and certainly one that is happily viewed at a distance. The wild dogs have also been seen quite regularly which for this time of the year is always a major bonus. The other day they were all spotted with slightly bloody muzzles and very full stomachs – a sign of a successful hunting session, however the actual scene of the crime was never discovered. Nkwali also had quite an amazing Bush Breakfast in Wamilombe with a pack of 17 wild dogs sleeping just some 300 meters away.

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We have also had plenty of lions about with a rather large male slowly and proudly padding his way through Nkwali the other night. The watchman got quite a fright as they glanced up and saw him heading their way. Fortunately the guests were all tucked up in bed and there were no nose-to-muzzle encounters! There was somewhat of a different scenario up at Nsefu this week as the guests were late coming back to camp because the lions were walking down the road holding everyone up. Then a few nights later the lions had decided to take it easy in camp and so Jason took his guests around the corner to have a look at them as they lay fast asleep gently lit by one of the spotlights on the perimeter of the camp.


Moving away from the game viewing but still in the spotlight – Jacob Shawa, our guide at Luangwa Safari House has been shortlisted for the Wanderlust World Guide Award which is very exciting and we are obviously beaming like proud parents. Well done Jacob, we all have our fingers and toes crossed for you!


So there we have it for yet another week in the Luangwa, lots of happenings and exciting tales with plenty more around the corner. For now though I am going to bid you all a very, very fond farewell and we will chat again next Monday. In the meantime I hope that you all have a fabulous week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter, and don’t forget to look after each other.





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