It’s Monday 26th June 2017 and in the back garden

I do hope that you are all well and that you have had a fabulous weekend; and those of you in the UK have enjoyed the wonderful summer temperatures. Here in Zambia, winter is truly here and nights are spent snuggled up under the duvet enjoying the sound sleep that we are treated to at this time of the year. During the day it is also not too hot so our guests can be out for longer and truly maximize their time out in the bush; they are certainly having some wonderful sightings. With late bush breakfasts and all day picnic drives it has been a feast for all, that’s for sure.

The beginning of today’s It’s Monday though is going to be focused on the back of house side of things, just to make you all jealous about what we see from our lounge window. In the space of the last 5 days it has been an influx of wildlife from the small to the large. Starting with the small chirping band of banded mongooses who come through during siesta time to have a drink from a small puddle in the garden, the baboons who appear to really enjoy playing on the hammock at sundowners, elephants who have taken to sipping from the swimming pool and not to mention a young leopard the other afternoon just 2 meters from the front door whilst our cats cowered behind the sofa! The most amazing sighting so far was yesterday when a lone wild dog pitched up just behind the house – obviously lost and couldn’t find his friends he arrived in camp, took a look around and then scooted off rather quickly.


Whilst on the subject of wild dogs we have had some interesting and great news from Dr. Matt Becker from the Zambian Carnivore Project on the appearance of 9 dogs from the Malama pack this last week, with a pregnant female. This pack is comprised of dispensers from several other packs and may have moved up either to fill the vacancy of Manchesa pack, or simply has done a probe into this area and may return south. They have managed to collar this pack and so now are able to maximize our ability to keep track of them and keep them snare free. We are hoping they’ll den and be regularly seen in this area.








Luangwa River Camp has been having some wonderful leopard sightings just close to their harbor and the obvious highlight is this lovely leopard that was spotted at the end of a game drive with a fresh bush-buck kill. On the lion front there has been no end of night time choruses from them around Nkwali, but Tena Tena had the closest encounter as a pride of 7 wandered through camp in the early hours last week. As for Nsefu, the guests last week had no sooner driven out of camp than they witnessed an entire lion hunt and kill which is quite something so really no need to continue with the game drive as it was all happening right there.

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So there you have it for this week I am afraid, all other stories can wait another week and we shall see what there is out there and what stories the guides come back to me with. Between now and then however I hope that you all have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.





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