The Cheetahs Move Back to Malawi

It has been about 20 years since cheetahs were last seen in Malawi. Even more shockingly, it has been close to a century since cheetahs were documented in Liwonde National Park. That, however, has just happily changed.

Cheetah 4 F Weitzerlr

4 specially chosen cheetahs, from top cheetah reserves in South Africa, have successfully been relocated to Malawi, with the help of African Parks, Robin Pope Safaris and Ulendo Airlink. This commendable act was pulled off in an attempt to save our charming cheetahs from total extinction.
The 4 cheetahs were transported in special wildlife crates on Ulendo Airlink’s Grand Caravan, and released safely onto Malawian soil.

Cheetah 3 F WeitzerlrCheetah 6 F Weitzerlr








The cheetahs are still safely being held in a boma area to ensure they settle in and are comfortable with their new surroundings before they are released into the wilds of Liwonde National Park where they can run free and prosper. The first step to cheetah conservation in Malawi was a success and hopefully soon we will have news of little Malawian cheetah cubs to celebrate too.

Cheetah 10 F Weitzerlr

Photos Courtesy of  Frank Weitzer

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