It’s Monday 17th July 2017 and a fabulous stay at Mkulumadzi and a rare sighting in the Luangwa!

I do hope that you are all well and ready for some of the envy-inducing sightings that we have been having over the last couple of weeks. First of all we are going to scoot over to Malawi as we have some news from one of our guests Carole Herdegen who recently spent some time at Mkulumadzi with her son and granddaughter. Carole over to you:

“My son, granddaughter and I enjoyed a remarkable stay at Mkulumadzi Lodge in the Majete Wildlife Reserve. The manager, Dave Westbrook & Tammy were the best at making us feel comfortable in our surroundings. The accommodations in the family chalet were definitely 5-star and the meals were delicious and perfect for us. I can’t praise the staff enough. They were always there for us.

We will have to return when the new Star-bed is ready at the lodge.

During our few days there, we were so lucky with our sightings enjoying everything from the big to the small. On our 2nd day, we saw a Black Rhino and a lion.

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Thanks to the good work of Mustafa, our safari guide and Mike, our guard.

cbaaa722c82493c374bf731b7da86c9bHere are some photos of our stay:”

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Wow thanks so much Carole for sharing your holiday with us, it certainly sounds and looks like you were treated to a wonderful time down in Majete.

So other news from the Luangwa is that our Nkwali guests were treated to an incredibly rare sighting – a Pangolin. ‘Oh man!’, I hear you all sigh. Yes, and whilst it wasn’t a true ‘in-the-wild’ sighting it was pretty special all the same. Pangolins, as I am sure many of you are aware, are incredibly rare and endangered as they are believed to carry medicinal and fortuitous benefits in many different cultures as well as very sadly being a revered source of protein, so a sighting of one causes great excitement. Some of the National Parks officers got word of one being sold in the market, so they hopped to it, rescued it and later released it in the National Park where hopefully it will continue to live a long and happy life. Anyway, some of our guests got to see the release and whilst admittedly the little creature didn’t make a major bid for freedom it was a very special sighting all the same. Many thanks go to the officers at National Parks for saving this pangolin and allowing our guests to witness the release.

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I  mean if truth be told, I am struggling to think of what to say after my pangolin story, so I will just leave you all with a final tale, not of sightings, but of sounds. Every night this week we have been surrounded by the calls of lions, hyenas and leopards throughout the course of the evenings. There is something rather magical about waking up to these calls and then having them lull you back into your slumber.

On that sleepy note I shall say a very fond farewell to you all and will look forward to chatting to you all next week with more news from the bushes. Between now and then have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.




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