It’s Monday 24th July 2017 and off for a wash!

I do hope that you are all having a wonderful Monday and had a fabulous weekend. Luangwa life continues with its usual excitement and gusto and there have been some amazing sightings from the small to the big including this wonderful photograph of a wild dog sizing up an elephant – I mean wouldn’t you if there was the possibility of your dinner being interrupted! Later on once the dogs had pretty much had their fill and there was little of their meal left, the vultures came in to have a snack but the dogs insisted on making things as hard for them as possible.

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The dogs have really been showing off and we continue to have some fabulous sightings of them well into the season which is such a bonus. We continue to watch with interest as to what is happening with the various packs on how they are all going to eventually settle, however for now we are not complaining as we are seeing plenty of them.


It’s not just the carnivores that thrill though, the bird life is spectacular and Simon Cousins was recently here with a group of friends and came across a Swainson’s Spurfowl getting cosy in the dirt with its dust bath. To be honest with you there is little to be said except to look at these great photos and enjoy the novelty of such a fab and often passed over sighting. I will however explain that the reason birds do this is to assist with ridding themselves of mites and other parasites, which they collect in their feathers – just in case anyone was wondering!

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Other than a very dusty Spurfowl they had an unusual sighting of a black headed heron who had caught a snake for his meal, despite the snake’s best efforts to make things as complicated as possible.

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Nkwali is also having very regular sightings of 4 leopards together just behind camp. It would appear to be mum and 2 young cubs and 1 slightly older cub who is struggling to fly the nest so to speak.

On the way into the park the river levels are dropping and the hippos are becoming more concentrated, which means that we are being serenaded by their low “yowling” during the night as they hustle and bustle for their patch of river. It won’t be long until this mounts into some full scale battles between the bulls to win their patch of ground and rule the beach.

We have also just had an amazing sighting of a female leopard dragging a large male impala to safety after a successful hunt. She has apparently recently had cubs but they have not yet been seen so maybe later she will go and get them and they will get a taste of the delicious meal that mum has prepared for them!


There we have it, lots going on in the bushes and plenty more where that came from. For now though I am going to leave you in peace and quiet and have a fabulous week ahead with plenty of smiles and laughter and I look forward to chatting to you next Monday.





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