It’s Monday 3rd July 2017 and some news from the first Mobile

I do hope that you are all well. Here in the Luangwa as I sit enjoying another wonderful day looking out into the bush I was wondering what to chat to you about when Jason popped in and mentioned writing something about his first mobile of the season. How could I turn down such an offer? So for this week we are going to hear from Jason and the mobiles team.


“This year we unusually had a lot of late heavy rain which meant that the bush and the roads were wetter much later. It also means that there is a lot more water in the lagoons. The Luwi river was flowing as we made our way up to the first mobile camp location but had already totally dried up 5 days later when we came back down – it is amazing how quickly things change. On the drive up to the Mupamadzi we made our usual stop at Frank’s Lakes for a spot of lunch, and whilst it was very grassy we had an exciting time putting in the road and even caught a glimpse of a Heartebeest. The pans this year are looking quite full so we are excited to continue visiting them as things dry out, as I am sure that they will prove quite the attraction for a good array of wildlife.

Up on the Mupamadzi the grass is still pretty high, which certainly made for some exciting walks but also meant we had to amend our routes to the Mopani woodland for some sections. Our walk between camp 2 and 3 however was quite frustrating as during the night we had heard lions calling followed by hyenas laughing but despite our best efforts we were unable to find them. From Camp 3 we headed up to the Kopje on Chifungwe Plain, despite a very nippy early morning river crossing, we walked along the Western ridge and had a wonderful view back to the Muchinga escarpment, across the Mupamadzi valley and up onto Lundu Plain. This time of the year is always the best for taking in these views as the air is crisp and clear, with visibility far better than later on in the season, so we take in every opportunity that we can. We walked along the ridge and stopped to have our morning tea whilst watching a breeding herd of elephants wander off into the Mopani woodland as well as herds of Kudu and Waterbuck along with a very nervous solitary zebra.

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After a wonderful morning tea we headed back down towards the river and picked up some lion tracks which we followed for a while however we didn’t manage to find them this time around despite checking all the lions favorite hiding places. That evening though, after a wonderful sundowners, the car picked us up and on the drive back to camp we did find the lions and even some cubs which was a real treat. The cubs are 2 distinct sizes with the biggest being about 4 months old and the smaller ones probably around 2 months old. If all goes well we may have a good sized pride around camp 3 which really will be fantastic. We had some pretty great general sightings during our trip including a fabulous view of a long crested eagle doing a courtship display, calling and circling around. We also had plenty of sightings of eland, roan, zebra, puku, impala as well as elephant so there is certainly plenty of game around and I am sure that we will see more and more as the season progresses and the grasses dry out.

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That about sums it up for our first wonderful and exciting trip of the season and we are looking forward to lots more walking, tracking and sightings over the next few months and shall certainly let you all know what we have been seeing.”

Thanks so much Jason it certainly sounds like a wonderful first trip and very excited about the season ahead, I for one cant wait to head up to mobiles at some point. For now though I am going to have to wait a little while but I will certainly keep you all posted. Other than mobiles there seems very little point in trying to compete so I shall bid you all a very fond farewell for this week and look forward to catching up with you all next Monday. Stay well, laugh lots and look after each other.




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