It’s Monday 14th August 2017 and some news from Tena Tena & Nsefu

I do hope that you are all well and have had a fabulous weekend. Truth be told, life in the Luangwa continues at its usual pace with plenty of animals everywhere and so much going on in terms of wildlife, it’s quite incredible. So let me stop with the waffling and dive straight into telling you all about some of the fabulous sightings we have been having.

Firstly let’s hear from Tena Tena as I am well aware that it has been a while since we have had any news from them. Bertie, Jenny and the team have been doing a fabulous job, camp is looking wonderful and as if that’s not enough the chefs have been cooking up some absolute storms in the bush with plenty of surprise breakfasts for our guests. I mean who doesn’t love an excuse for a good fry up!!

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a3f5b4d1353223171ca86e676383ef30On top of all of that, the game viewing has been absolutely brilliant but the sighting that beat all of the rest was three lions who decided that they would take their siesta time in camp! And where better than the lovely shady verandah of one of the tents? Jason was called in to try to escort the guests back to their room but there was also a lion on the path proving to be a formidable watchman making sure that no one was going to get into that particular room!


Heading up river to Nsefu a couple of mornings ago, three wild dogs appeared on the other side of the river whilst all the guests were having breakfast. So everyone got to enjoy their morning coffee whilst watching the dogs calling for the rest of the pack. Then as if that was not enough, three hyenas popped out of the bush and chased the wild dogs for a little bit before retreating back into the bush.

The river is also going down quickly which means that the hippos are concentrating themselves in the deeper parts of the water, one of those such channels happens to be right in front of camp which is fantastic and that particular pod appears to be inundated with youngsters which happily entertain the guests throughout siesta time. The increasing number of elephants also crossing the river as they walk further and further to find food is also an almost daily highlight in camp.

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For those of you who are familiar with Nsefu Camp you will also know that there is a small lagoon by the bar which is regularly filled with a myriad of different bird species as well as various mammals coming down to drink, however never have we had it so busy as the other day when 26 giraffes came down to sip on the fresh water in there.

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Heading out of camp and out on game drives the guests have been having some wonderful and regular sightings of a leopard with a 5 month old cub which is a massive treat. Not to mention the continuing lion saga which is still to settle down so we shall see what happens there.

Well there we have it folks, as you can see there has been so much going on in the camps that the game-viewing has been non-stop, both out on drives and back in camp. Sadly for this week I am going to leave it there and shall wait for more updates from the guides during the course of the coming weeks to make you all wish that you were also here. Between now and then though I hope that you all have a truly fabulous week with plenty of smiles and laughter and, as always, don’t forget to look after each other.



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