It’s Monday 31st July 2017 and Kiki takes a few days of Safari up at Nsefu

I do hope that you are all well and sitting comfortably, and ready and raring for this week’s bout of stories from the South Luangwa. As you have probably already guessed, this week we are heading up to Nsefu where Kiki recently guided regular guests Monique and Johannes Eizema. When I first heard that Kiki was venturing into the Nsefu sector I was immediately taken back to 14 years ago when he drove me up to Tena Tena and it took us over an hour to find the road into camp. You will be delighted to know however that since then his knowledge of the Nsefu sector has improved dramatically and the sightings that he had whilst up there are proof of that. At this point I would also like to thank Monique and Johannes Eizema for sharing their wonderful photographs with us as they really do perfectly illustrate the incredible game viewing that is being had up at Nsefu.

So what did they see; well the elephants have started regularly crossing the river just up from camp, which is always a treat. And this year there seems to be loads of baby elephants, they can often be seen wallowing with parents in the drying up lagoons occasionally getting stuck and having a minor panic before mum or aunty helps them out by unceremoniously nudging them with their trunks!

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There are already large herds of buffalo congregating, with one sighting of a herd being easily about 500 animals which is huge for this time of the year. This means potential feasting for lions. Speaking of lions, they saw a big male lion following a buffalo which looked as if it had been attacked, but the buffalo soon found solace in amongst the herd so lived to see another day.


The lions have been somewhat all over the place to be honest, they spotted 4 female lions with one big maned male which seem to be a new pride that haven’t yet been identified so we wait to see what happens and who they are; also, how will the turf war get on between them and the Nsefu pride, which still seems to be doing well but slightly scattered as a new male has come to town. The females with last year’s cubs are running around like crazy to the point that the other day they even ran straight through camp in the evening in a successful effort to get away from the new male. One of the females even spent the entire day cowering under the solar panels and then by tea time she found some nice shade between room 1 and 2 so Kiki and the scout had to go and gently persuade her to move on so that the guests could come out of their room to get to tea. Things did seem to settle as the ladies gathered their wits about them, went hunting in the stork colony area and successfully took down a Puku and had a well deserved meal.

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The leopard sightings up at Nsefu have also been absolutely incredible with a beautiful sighting of a female with a 3 month old cub feasting on a baboon. As well as another leopard with slightly older offspring.

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It is also that time of the year when the lagoons are drying out so there are loads of fishing parties with saddle-billed storks, marabou storks and yellow billed storks, but no pelicans yet so we will keep an eye out for them as they start to come in. They really are the B52 Bombers of the skies as their huge bodies incredibly manage to get air-borne. This year there also seem to be huge flocks of lilians lovebirds which flutter down to the parched ground covering it in a fluorescent green carpet before all together suddenly taking off back to the safety of the bushes, I am certain that between now and the beginning of the rains the numbers will simply continue to increase.

So there you have it, as you can see Kiki really did have some fabulous sightings whilst up at Nsefu and I am sure that they will continue; let us wait to hear more as the season progresses. For now though, I am afraid that I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you all have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.




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