It’s Monday 7th August 2017 and Luangwa River Camp gets its turn!

I do hope that you are all fabulously well and have had a wonderful weekend doing whatever it is that you do at weekends. Here in the Luangwa well nothing changes in terms of how amazing it is and we are reminded on a daily basis just how lucky we are to live in this little patch of Eden. The bush really is starting to dry up now and we are starting to nudge our way firmly into the dry season and winter will soon be over so instead of complaining about the cold we will be complaining about the heat! The animals however appear to just be doing us so proud in terms of their appearances and performance for our guests and Luangwa River Camp this week is getting its turn in the spotlight.

The resident purple crested turaco is back in camp and keeping everyone occupied with its distinctive song and sudden flashes of red under the wings as it flies between the trees. The baboons have also discovered that the chairs put out infront of the main area for tea provide the most ideal jungle gym and the youngsters spend as much time as the waiters will allow them bouncing between the chairs and chasing each other on and off and around and about. Meanwhile the adults look on with a certain jealousy for the sheer amount of energy that the youngsters seem to have! The chairs once reclaimed by the humans are then used to sit on and enjoy the wonderful view across the Luangwa and the very frequent elephant crossings. The other day they counted some 80 elephants wading across the river I mean what an incredible sight. The only problem was was that the elephants were coming into camp so it did prove somewhat of a challenge moving from A to B but not to worry the bar is a perfectly good spot to be stranded for an hour or so.

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There have also been some fabulous sightings in the park with almost daily sightings of wild dogs which lets face it is always a treat. Ginger and his pride stalked and took down a buffalo whilst the guests watched the entire event unfold infront of them. The lions then epitomized the scene of full, fat and sleepy after they had all gorged themselves on the fruits of labour.







There has also been a sadly deceased hippo in a lagoon and the guests witnessed some quite spectacular interactions between lions and crocodiles as they fought over who would get the “lions” share. Sorry couldn’t resist popping that little pun in there. Whilst on the subject of lions we also have been seeing (not too frequently but a couple of sightings) of three brand new lion cubs they can only be a few weeks old so as you can imagine this gets everyone super excited as lets face it they are super super cute and no one can ever get enough of them. Lets hope that they continue to do well and thrive.


So as you can see it really is all happening and we haven’t even spoken about the plains game and the sheer quantity of impalas, pukus, warthogs and giraffes that we have been seeing. As well as the bird life which never fails to amaze and thrill even those who really don’t think that they would be in awe of the variety of species.

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Well I mean there we have it for another week as you can see plenty going on and no shortage of stories to recount. I wander what will be seen in the next 6 days – don’t worry I shall certainly keep you all posted. However between now and then I shall bid you all a very very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.




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