It’s Monday 18th September 2017 and some incredible sightings at Nkwali

We are, as always, all go here in the Luangwa, and I keep meaning to let some of the other camps talk to you but I am afraid we are being thoroughly selfish as we really are seeing some incredible sightings. We have recently had regular guests John and Gill Powell out to visit, and we caught up with them at the beginning of their holiday whilst they were at Nkwali and they had already had some incredible sightings.


Guided by Chris they headed out with great excitement and were not disappointed; on the first evening they had a gorgeous sighting of a male leopard just starting to become active for the evening and looking like he was about to embark on finding some dinner. Unfortunately they did not manage to follow the leopard as he headed off into the bushes where there were no roads, but there is something also rather magical being able to watch these magnificent creatures simply disappear.

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Moving on, they then came across a pride of lions, one of which had decided to get a better view of the Luangwa and chill out up a tree. Given that the day was also drawing to an end, the lions similarly decided that they should maybe get up and do something, so after a quick yawn and stretch off they went. This time there was a herd of impalas right where they had been sleeping. Thinking that this was too good an opportunity to miss they had a go but failed unfortunately, but if truth be told it was not the best attempt ever made by lions to hunt!

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The following day was a day of leopards, having a wonderful sighting of a young female making a tree branch look like the most comfortable bed in the world, and then not far away was her mum just relaxing in some lovely shade. Not to mention that all of this was wheeled out for John on his birthday, what better way to spend the day? Except of course for a lovely cake at teatime and another magical Luangwa sundowner.

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And this was just the beginning of their trip so I am sure that by the time they get home they will have more than one story to tell. I must also thank both John and Gill for their wonderful photos, we look forward to seeing you both back here soon.

Other news from this side, well let’s stick with Chris and with the leopards shall we…? I am not sure if you remember during the rains, the story of the big one eyed male leopard who had a run in with a warthog in a culvert – well he was badly injured but did survive, however it would appear that he did not necessarily learn his lesson and this time decided to go after a popcupine. There are slightly easier and less prickly options for dinner it has to be said, but determined and stubborn as he is the leopard actually won this battle and sat surveying his prickly meal feeling rather proud of his accomplishment.


Well there we have it for this week, I am going to sneak off now as I don’t feel that any other stories can beat these so I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a wonderful week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.




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