Dreaming of a Green Christmas…



Counting down to the festive season… is your getaway booked already?

Make it a green one this year and venture out to Southern Africa.

What to expect:
• A period of revitalization… plenty of new growth, dramatic skies, vibrant colours (the most outstanding being the emerald green! – with the purples, pinks and yellows of new flowers sprouting through).
• Influx of migratory birds with spirals of migrating storks, cuckoos and other “specials” like the Angola pitta.
• Butterflies escape their cocoons and flitter about everywhere.
• Great game viewing experiences.
• Fewer people around, making for more exclusive feel of all areas.

Where to stay:
Robin’s House & Luangwa Safari House: home away from home experiences in the Luangwa. Perfect for families or groups of friends looking to spend some much needed quality time together.
Nkwali: Christmas safari with friends or make new friends here. Whether a solo traveller, couple or family this will be a perfect place to safari and relax.
Stanley Safari Lodge: a mix of relaxation and adrenaline all in one destination. A great start or end to your safari experience is the Victoria Falls, Livingstone!
Pumulani, Lake Malawi: a beach holiday with a difference. Exclusive lodge offering ‘a place of rest’ as is the meaning Pumulani in local language.
Mkulumadzi: perfect hideaway for that much needed R&R, Majete Wildlife Reserve. Perfectly serene setting offering a feeling of ideal retreat/getaway for the festive season.

Trip ideas…
Safari & Beach – 8 night combo. * South Luangwa * Lake Malawi *
Family Safari with RPS – 10 night combo. * Livingstone * South Luangwa * Lake Malawi *
RPS Exclusive – 12 night combo. * South Luangwa * Majete * Lake Malawi *

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