It’s Monday 2nd October 2017 and lots of lions at Mobiles

I do hope that you are all fantastically well, have had a wonderful weekend and that the week ahead is full of good things. Here in the Luangwa, life as always carries on in its fabulous way and this week we have a treat for you all the way from Mobiles.

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The guests and the team this year have been having some incredible sightings with everything from mating puff adders to mating lions! Sightings of plains game a plenty and all the tracks and signs that get noticed on walks all adds up to a pretty memorable and unique experience. This week however we have a story from Michael who is hosting up at mobiles this year so sit tight and enjoy:

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“As the temperatures start to heat up and the winds start to blow a gale, the team and I had finished packing up at camp two and were headed for camp four. The aim of the game is to pack the camp up, relocate to the new site, set the camp up in the new location and get lunch ready all during the time that the guests are out on their morning walk. Kanga and his guests had headed off so we all got to it and after a lovely drive with plenty to see – large flocks of Lilian’s love birds and all manner of plains game – we arrived at camp four.


The first thing that we noticed, as admittedly it was hard to miss, was two male lions lying on the beach in front of camp. Instantly my camera was out to capture the scene as best I could. After a few minutes the lions proceeded to cross the shallow waters of the Mupumadzi River and take up their positions opposite camp. I will also add at this point that they had some rather full bellies.


This obviously created a little tension as we hoped that the lions would stay around so the guests would be able to catch a glimpse of these two magnificent creatures but at the same time we needed to get out and about and hurry up setting out the camp. Once the excitement subsided and the unloading of the truck was complete I went down to set up my tent. Whilst doing so, Isaiah our resident Wildlife Scout was also in the process of setting up his tent. Suddenly the breeze shifted direction and there was the familiar and unpleasant smell of carrion. I asked Isaiah if he had noticed it as well and he hadn’t, but then it wafted through again this time slightly stronger and near impossible to miss. Isaiah now certain that I wasn’t making things up gathered up his rifle and walked out to the sandbar in the direction from which the smell was coming and after about 20meters he came to a stop as the smell had gone.

There were no vultures to be seen so we were back to sniffing our way in the direction of the odour. I was convinced it was coming from the thicket behind my tent so we ventured into it, Isaiah loading his weapon just in case and as we entered the thicket our suspicions were realized. There lay a half eaten buffalo carcass no more than 6 meters from our tents – the lions had obviously killed the buffalo the previous night and very full had headed down to the river to quench their thirst when we came along and got in their way. The good news is that there is nothing that will get between lions and their food so by the time the guests got back to camp the lions were still there so everyone got to enjoy the scene and the lions, plus hyenas hung around for the two days that we were in camp creating some pretty spectacular sightings for all. There really is never a dull moment on mobiles.”


Wow thanks Michael that sounds amazing, although I am not sure how well I would have slept listening out for the faintest of sounds in case it was a lion walking past. So there you have it folks, another fun filled and nail biting week behind us, what on earth does the Luangwa have in stall for us next week?

For now I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a smashing week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.





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