It’s Monday 13th November 2017 and a dramatic start to the day

I hope that highly successful weekends have been had by everyone and that you are all totally reinvigorated and ready for the week ahead. So what stories from the Luangwa? – well I have just received some slightly dramatic photographs from Bianca Hettlich after her recent stay at Luangwa River Camp with her mother. Aside from all the incredible sightings that they had, this one really was the “killer” (excuse the pun!)! The dogs came hurtling across the dried up river bed after some poor little bush buck, and killed it right there and then. After the poor creature had been put out of its misery, the dogs did what wild dogs do and trotted off back up the riverbank to find a nice place to rest up and digest. What a sighting, and right there! – no need to go anywhere.


Whilst we are at River Camp let’s talk about some more incredible sightings that they have been having, like wild dogs at breakfast which the guests watched whilst munching on some toast. We also have Sherry McKelvie who has also been kind enough to share these wonderful photos of her recent stay there. As you can see by these images (no need to fuss about with words!) they have been having some incredible sightings.


As for Nkwali, we have literally been inundated by elephants, it has been quite spectacular. We have had everything from family groups with teeny tiny little ones, to one particularly impressive herd of about 40 bulls all down around the Nkwali car park. Usually the chatter on the radio is “please can we organize 24 bottles of sprite and some ice” but of late it has been “I cant get to the office as there are too many elephants”. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty good excuse as to why you are late to work! Other than that, after the first official rains of note we are now all waiting for the impalas to drop their young and for the landscape to be littered with the lovely leggy beige babies that really are just such a joy to watch scampering around.


However, before I really start running down the rabbit hole of baby impalas, weather and everything else that goes with this time of the year I shall stop myself short and bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a spectacular week with plenty of smiles and laughter. And of course don’t forget to look after each other.



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