It’s Monday 18th December 2017 and a Nkwali safari.

I do hope everyone is splendidly well and is full of pre-Christmas cheer…. Here, well we are very ready indeed and on a personal note Rob and I are so excited about sharing our first Christmas with our son, not that he will have any clue whatsoever about what is going on, but it won’t stop us from getting fully into the Christmas spirit! The only downside to Christmas in the Laungwa is for the poor waiters who have to work in shifts being on duty at Nkwali bar during the day to stop the baboons from completely taking out the Christmas tree. But it is as always done in true Zambian fashion with a relaxed approach and a smile on the face. Now let’s chat about what has been going on in the park. We are actually going to sneak back a little bit as I have been given these wonderful photos by Daniela and Matthias Anger who were with us 3 – 4 weeks ago, just before the rains properly started. The sightings that they had were amazing and they managed to capture some equally brilliant images, which they have generously shared with us.


As I am sure I have harped on about a hundred and one times one of the absolute joys of the rains arriving is the birth of the baby impalas. You can drive around a corner one day and see none then the next day you are inundated with heaps of the little guys all wide-eyed and leggy under a bush! The big question is also whether or not you will catch a glimpse of one being born or even just brand new and still wobbly. Well Daniela and Matthias were just coming back into Nkwali after their drive and there, not far from the road, they watched the entire event unfold in front of them. It really is incredible when you think about how tough nature is; this little impala was born and within just a few minutes had to be up and walking as you simply never know where the danger might come from. All of that aside I would like to say fab guiding but I think that in this instance it really was more luck than anything else.


The rest of the safari didn’t struggle to match up with some fantastic lion, leopard and wild dog sightings. The wild dogs really do seem to be thriving at the moment – either that or they have completely moved area and we are seeing them a lot more often. Back in the days long ago when I first got here I remember the sightings could almost be counted on one hand and really only during the rains but now it’s all year round. Fingers crossed I don’t jinx things now though…

Other than that I am going to leave it there and not steal any the thunder from Matthias and Daniela, as let’s be fair, they deserve the limelight for this ‘It’s Monday’ with all these wonderful images. So let me bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and good cheer getting ready for Christmas.





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