It’s Monday 20th November 2017 and news from Pumulani

I do hope that you are all well and getting used to the change in season wherever in the world you are…. Here the rains have started, the little tufts of delicate green grass litter the landscape, the cuckoos have started their repetitive songs and the centipedes are out checking out every nook and cranny that they can find. However this week we are going to hear from Charl over at Pumulani to find out what is happening on the lake. Charl over to you:

“Summer has arrived! It’s a couple degrees warmer, and large fluffy clouds can be seen on the horizon. No rain though! We are waiting for the first downpour to bring the landscape back to life.


Guests have been enjoying the longer days, relaxing at the pools or keeping our guides, Black, Precious and Ganizani busy. The snorkelling has been great! During October / November the snorkelling is incredible with clear visibility at our snorkelling spots. Our new boat ‘Explorer’ and the great new full face snorkelling masks make the experience even better.


The Lake levels have reached historically low levels, unfortunately its not great for those that rely on the Shire River for water and electricity, but it does mean that we have a few more stunning beaches along the Lake Malawi National Park shoreline. A perfect spot for a beach picnic!


Pumulani is not just about the water-based activities, we do offer some activities further afield.

The Ilala ferry has been carrying passengers on Lake Malawi for the past 60 years. Apart from some new navigational equipment, the ferry has kept its charm and a tour by the captain allows you to step back in time. We are only able to visit the ferry while docked at Monkey Bay Harbour. Usually on a Thursday or Friday


The town of Monkey Bay is only 25 minutes away from the lodge and a stroll through the local market is well worth the experience. You can buy just about anything, from fresh chambo fish to chetenge fabric.


Our community projects have been growing thanks to the kind donations from our guests. We are able to supply sunscreen to 18 children with Albinism between Cape Maclear and the Nkopi areas. We are very proud to be part of the “Pack for a Purpose” organization enabling guests to regularly bring useful items to be donated in the village. We are also looking forward to working with Good Vision Glasses and their $1 dollar glasses initiative in 2018 to assist our community members who are visually impaired. For the equivalent of $1 a community member can get his/her eyes checked and go home with a pair of glasses specific to their prescription.”


It is certainly all go at Pumulani thanks so much for the update Charl, it’s always fab to hear from you guys. Other than that, it’s official the Nsefu sector is now closed (for the time being), the last guests pulled out of Nsefu on Saturday morning and we will now only head back up there end of January when the river has come up and we start our magical River Journeys. On the game viewing front – on Saturday morning the guests at Luangwa River Camp got to have some great sightings during breakfast, of 3 male lions across the river and then a little later on a leopard. Surely it doesn’t get much better than that? So on that note I am going to sneak off and leave you all to it. Hope that you have a fab week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.



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