It’s Monday 4th December 2017 and let the photos do the talking

I do hope that you are all well and have had a fabulous weekend. We are hurtling towards Christmas and preparations are under way. The cakes have been baked, the choir has started their carol practices and we are dusting off the decorations to see what survived the wind, rain and baboon attacks from last year. Speaking of wind and rain, the rains have certainly started and we have had a couple of absolutely superb storms with wind howling down the river and picking up the sand to the point that we could barely see the other side. Then from parched brown landscape everything is now a wonderful lush green colour scattered with hundreds of baby impala, which literally sprung up overnight! It certainly is magical to witness the transformation that’s for sure.

But as the title of this ‘It’s Monday’ suggests I need to stop talking and actually hand you over to Kanwar Deep Juneja who has just got home from his annual visit to the Luangwa and once again shared with us some of his images. As usual he had some superb game viewing and took some photographs which, quite frankly need no explanation or stories to go alongside them.


Kanwar once again thank you so very much for sharing these images with us, they are incredible as always. Other than that, it’s that time of the year when all the camps have gradually closed down and we are left simply with Nkwali and the Houses. That however doesn’t mean that there will be any less to chat to you about, trust me the team here keeps us plenty busy with incredible sightings and stories. For this week though I am going to leave you all to it and bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a splendid week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.





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