It’s Monday 15th January 2018 and a hippo feast!

Well I do hope that you are well and have had yet another fabulous week of the New Year. Are you all sitting comfortably and most importantly I hope no one is having a little snack whilst sitting down to read this weeks’ newsletter.

So where do we begin… well Simon, Shanie and the girls are here making the most of a long weekend in Malawi and sneaking to the bush to see what wonderful beasties they are able to find. Day one got off to a gentle start with some lovely flame lilies and dragonflies then as always that wonderful sight of elephants happily wandering through the lovely lush green grass.


It wasn’t long however before a rather unpleasant whiff crossed their noses and at the same time the sound of hyenas laughing. Following both senses they came across a rather active if somewhat stinky scene of a hippo, which had died in a muddy lagoon, and a whole clan of hyenas combined with vultures feasting on the poor beast. Unfortunately there is only so much time that one can spend inhaling the aromas, but during that time the sighting really was superb. The hyenas were all interacting with each other. Vultures were swooping down to get a quick peck on the hippo before a hyena bounced their way to chase them off – as if there was not enough to go around!! Having thoroughly enjoyed the sighting for as long as their noses could take it, it was time to move on and get some fresh air!


However a scene like that is not one to be forgotten about and a return trip occurred the following morning. This time there were a pair of lionesses who had joined the feast – or at least were trying to. Sitting on the other side of the muddy lagoon to the hyenas the lions postured, growled and tried to look all big and scary however they really are no match for 8 or so hyenas and it wasn’t long before the hyenas took offense to the intrusion and decided to tell the lions who was boss at the lunch table. They chased the lions (right past another of our game viewers!) who after a split second of bravery decided that actually it was in their best interest to get out of there as quickly as possible.


The hyenas though were really rather quick so the only escape for the lions was up and they scrambled up a tree and sought refuge amongst the leaves of a nearby tree. Slightly embarrassed about what had happened they tried to regain their dignity with the occasional snarl; however they realized that they had lost this battle and eventually and cautiously moved off.


After all of that excitement it was time to focus on the slightly smaller but equally wonderful sightings including that of an African Wood Hoopoe protecting its patch of tree against a squirrel. And then a yellow billed stork and a grey heron having a dance off over a fish in a lagoon.


The stories obviously go on and on but there comes a point where I have to stop chatting away and let you all get on with your day and I think that this is the point at which to do so. In which case I will leave you all to it and bid you all a very fond farewell have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.





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