It’s Monday 22nd January 2018 and River Journeys begin!

I do hope that everyone is spectacularly well and about to embark on another fabulous week. So aside from my extreme joviality and positivity today what news do we have for you?

Whilst I realize that obviously everyone is keen to hear about the game viewing let me quickly start on the news that Luangwa River Camp and Nsefu have opened for their green season safaris today. From here on for the next few months we gallop to the riverbank on a daily basis to check the water levels to make sure that we are still able to get up to Nsefu. We have spent the last week ferrying things up there – everything from builders to lettuce have found themselves joining the RPS flotilla. The guys have enjoyed some wonderful wildlife whilst on the river with sightings of everything from large and worryingly hungry looking crocodiles to elephant’s schlooping up trunk-fulls of water and even a fleeting glimpse of a lion. In camp everyone has been getting stuck into cleaning, polishing and preparing and the evenings have been a general exhausted collapse whilst listening to the wonderful sounds of the bush. I will keep you posted with news of sightings as soon as I can but seeing as today is the first day of guests I might struggle for this week.


Here at Nkwali however we have had some incredible sightings and non-stop activity from all corners. Our rather lonely hippo is back in the Nkwali lagoon and can be seen enjoying the water doing roly-poly’s if caught in the right frame of mind and at the right time of the day. We also have a crocodile that has joined him and can regularly be seen basking on the banks of the lagoon thankfully on the other side of the dining room – also, may I add, it is quite a small crocodile.


Nkwali has also been surrounded by elephants – Rob and I drove to Luangwa House at the end of the week and without exaggeration between Nkwali and Luangwa House we must have seen in the region of 100 elephants, it was just incredible they were literally everywhere. There were also some very very tiny ones which let’s face it, are always a favorite.

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In the park the lone Wildebeest was spotted being, well… rather lonely a couple of days ago, not sure when it will get a chum but let’s just keep on hoping. The predators have also been performing and the guests have had multiple sightings of leopards and wild dogs. To elaborate on the sightings Fred and his guests were watching buffalo, when all of a sudden in the distance he noticed a hyena purposefully walking towards a tree and sniffing the trunk. Driving towards the hyena to find out what it was doing they found a female leopard and her daughter happily sitting out of harms way snacking on a baby puku.


The wild dogs have also been showing off, but the highlight had to be a sighting of them on foot. The pack of 21 were just finishing off eating something (the walk didn’t get too close as they didn’t want to spook the dogs) but there was plenty of yapping and bouncing around as they enjoyed their snack. After the walk was over the guests headed back to the car and drove to the “scene of the crime” to identify the remains. The dogs had moved on but in their place there was a hyena just making sure that there really was nothing going to waste.


Aside from all of that, the lions have been quiet the last couple of days but certainly not after dark as we have been hearing them roaring throughout the nights but keeping well-hidden during the day. I am sure that they will come and say hello pretty soon.

So there you have it, lots going on as you can see and now with River Camp and Nsefu open I am sure we will have even more stories to report back to you. For now though I am going to call it a day for this week and leave you all to it. I hope that you have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and of course don’t forget to look after one another.





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