It’s Monday 25th December 2017 and Merry Christmas!

So really the only place to start is Merry Christmas. I hope that you are all splendidly well and having a wonderful Christmas with all your friends and family. In the valley it has been all go and the team have been working non-stop to get everything ready for our guests. I must admit that we had an emergency turkey run though as they did not quite make it by our usual means but thankfully plans were made and turkeys arrived just in the nick of time.

The choir has been practicing their carols and we had a wonderful Christmas Eve sundowners at Kalawani pans with all the guests and the guests from the other camps. Plenty of snacks, bubbles and singing was had by all and it really kicked everything off to a festive start. After the carols everyone headed back to camp to continue the festivities with more bubbles and a delicious dinner.


As for Christmas day – well today – everyone has headed out for game drives and the chefs are busy cooking up an absolute storm in the kitchen while the waiters get the crackers and all the finishing touches on the table for Christmas lunch. What does Christmas in the bush entail – well to be honest with you asides from the game drives everything else is your normal Christmas fare with the exception of it being nice and warm and you not having to do any of the cooking or washing up. I mean does it get any better than that!

So asides from that and all of our warmest Christmas wishes what else has been happening in the Luangwa. Well Matt and the team went out and did a wonderful bush breakfast beginning of last week and despite quite a few rain storms the bush is looking wonderful and green and the guests arrived having had some fantastic sightings including a lovely leopard just languishing on a shady branch in a tree.


Other than that we have had some wonderful sightings of all things great and small but Kiki was out and was enjoying his amble through the bush when he spotted some vultures flying around. Heading in the direction that they were in they came across an elephant with a brand new calf and the vultures well they were just after any of the extras from the event. I think at this point the sighting of the calf was the highlight. Other than that there was a pack of 21 wild dogs harassing a poor leopard sat up in a tree and knowing better than to risk the descent the poor cat hunkered down and waited it out.

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What else well Ginger and Garlic have been hanging out with their 4 ladies and now there are 3 cubs that have joined the pride which is always an absolute treat as lets face it lion cubs really are adorable with their slightly spotty fur and big paws. So we shall enjoy watching them as they grow up and see what comes of them in the years to come. With dads like Ginger and garlic they have some big paws to fill.


So there you have it on the predator front, we have also been having the usual spectacular sightings of plains game and of course all the birds as everything just looks magnificent against the vivid green landscape. The river is coming up and it wont be long before we are able to scoot up to Nsefu for the start of the river journeys which is always a real bonus. But lets not get ahead of ourselves that is all next year still so for this year and this Christmas we are all going to wish you a very very Merry Christmas and hope that you have the most wonderful day.





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