It’s Monday 29th January 2018 and we’re camp hopping!

I do hope that you are all superbly well and have had another lovely weekend doing whatever it is that you chose to do. Well, what news from this side of the world? Gosh, it’s non-stop, let’s have a super quick round-up from everyone.

As you guys hear from me in the valley more than the other camps, I am going to make the Luangwa round-up a quick one and then head over to our other camps. So from Nkwali, Kanga went to the bar from the dining room a couple of nights ago to grab a drink for one of the guests and happened upon a leopard who was apparently just on its way through the bar thinking that it might sneak past without being spotted. Both Kanga and the leopard got a fright and headed off in opposite directions. Ginger was also recently spotted mating with one of his females so who knows, we may have some more lion cubs appearing in a few months’ time!


As for Luangwa River Camp, Daudi was out for a morning stroll and came across some wild dogs, he sat with the guests as the dogs happily went about their business just some 15m away completely unaware of their presence. That was his first morning activity of the new season so goodness knows what else he has in store for us if that’s how he started the season!


Up at Nsefu, just in the nick of time, the river came up beautifully and the guests were able to happily scoot up river to get to camp, but also boat around whilst up at Nsefu. It really is such a special time of year up in the Nsefu sector as there are literally no roads and certainly no cars so you really feel like you have the place to yourself and are completely away from the pressures of daily life. Aside from the escapism, the game was also super and there were plenty of sightings of all the plains game, some lovely elephants and even wild dogs, so another fantastic start to the season.


Heading across the border to Malawi, we find ourselves in Mkulumadzi which has had a very exciting start to the year with sightings close to home, with a lion being spotted just outside camp! As the guests approached the carpark, they saw a lioness casually stroll across the road, and sit in the grass just a metre or 2 away from them. What a treat! Scanning the area just in case there were more surprises the guide and guests headed towards the footbridge, and there out of the bushes burst another lioness and she took off up the road!

During a lovely morning drive, guests were treated to rhino tracks and scat. After Erik showed them how to identify rhino dung (lots of twigs bitten off at an angle) they set off again and not long after that lesson, a mother and her calf were spotted! They stood still for a few moments, then came hurtling across the road to thicker vegetation. A fleeting glimpse, but an epic sighting.

On another drive, Erik was ambling along the riverside with his guests and suddenly stopped to have a listen, and there it was, the roaring of a lion which sounded very close by! Changing direction and heading inland in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the lion, it wasn’t long before they spotted Sapitwa, a lovely male lion who gave a mini performance with a snarl, but then just chilled out and did what lions do best… fell asleep in the shade.


Down at Stanley Safari Lodge, the guests have been very busy enjoying all the different activities that are on offer down in Livingstone from the adrenalin filled bungee jumping, the gorge-swing and the breath-taking experience of the rhino walk, getting to see these beautiful endangered animals. Let’s also not forget about just chilling out in camp with the magical views down into the valley and the plumes of spray coming up from the gorge as the water pounds over the edge of the waterfalls.


So there you have it, another fun filled week with non-stop sightings and activities. I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week with lots of smile and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.





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