It’s Monday 8th January 2018 and a good start to the year

I do hope that you are all well, clear headed and having a fabulous start to the week.

So what have we been up to here? Well much the same as most I guess except for the one exception of game drives! Here in the office knowing that a bush breakfast was being prepared to surprise the guests with we did have a chuckle as we heard the frantic radio calls to Justin asking him to relocate the breakfast. The guests were watching lions so they had had to change the direction of the drive meaning Justin had to repack the car and relocate! Fortunately Justin made it to the new spot and got everything set up in time for the guests to arrive.


Speaking of lions, we have had plenty of sightings, especially of Garlic and Ginger their ladies and the cubs. The cubs are always a treat to watch and whilst usually everyone is sleeping, over the last few days they have been far more active and have been playing lots. Garlic seems to be the focus of their attention as they climb over him and ask for him to play with them, but he seems to be loving the attention so for now there is no complaining from him. The ladies did kill a zebra the other day and were spotted feasting on it but the cubs were hidden and simply not interested or just not invited to the feast! The pride has been incredibly vocal all week and can be heard most evenings and just a couple of days ago were so noisy during the day that they lead the game drives straight to them! The guides were over the moon about this…


Other than the noisy lions, strangely a hippo appears to have died next to the main road in the park. Not entirely sure how or why but as a result it has lead to some fantastic sightings of hyenas, as not wanting to let anything go to waste they have gladly enjoyed the benefits of the poor beast’s demise.


Who are we missing out…? – Leopards! Well they have been somewhat elusive all week but they decided to make an appearance last night and every single game drive had a sighting.

Not wanting to be forgotten, the elephants have been absolutely everywhere looking lovely and dark and refreshed from the rain and just having a field day feasting on the lovely long lush grass. Not to be outdone by the lions changing the Nkwali bush breakfast yesterday we had a breakfast for the Luangwa House guests and the elephants were absolutely everywhere to the point that the team just couldn’t get out the car to set everything up. Eventually everyone moved on and the great fry up began but not without a certain amount of panic from the chef hoping to get everything ready in time.


On the aerial front, the Pittas and Trogans have been very quiet and whilst we have heard their familiar calls there have been no sightings. Not to worry though, the Abdim Storks and Knob-billed Ducks are in and always provide a lovely sighting for this time of the year.


Well there we have it for today so I am going to bid you all a very very fond farewell and hope that you have a fab week with plenty of smiles and laughter.





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