It’s Monday 26th February 2018 and it’s wild dog mayhem!

I do hope that you are all well, sitting comfortably and ready for some more news from the beautiful Luangwa Valley which is currently going through another dry patch. So where do we start…? Well let’s start with a story that is not going to be embellished upon until next week or possibly the week after but we have David Rogers with us at the moment leading another one of his fab photographic safaris. Before his guests arrived though, we organized for him to spend a couple of days with some of our guides doing a bit of a workshop with them teaching them about light, positioning etc. all to help them understand the best way to get everyone who comes to visit us in the best position for not only taking photographs but also viewing the wildlife. He is still out on safari so as soon as he is finished I am sure that we will hear from him on how it all went.


So now that I have tempted you all with that, we can actually focus on some of the sightings that we have been having that I can talk to you about…. So given the dry patch, we have had an influx of elephant ‘super-groups’ around Nkwali. Just a couple of days ago there must have been in excess of 100 elephants between Luangwa House and Robin’s House and a complete mixture from some stunning bulls to some very cute little ones. I task anyone coming to visit not to be able to while away the time sitting and watching these calm and incredible giants as they silently pass through the bush.


Slightly more noisily however have been the leopards with plenty of sightings both in and out of the park. Just a couple of days ago the guests witnessed an entire hunt from start (well, almost start…) to finish as she stalked and killed an impala. I mean, just incredible to be able to witness this.


Whilst on the subject of predators and impalas there was impala vs wild dog mayhem just behind Nkwali a couple of days ago. All of a sudden an impala was seen literally bursting out of the bush, eyes wide open, panic written across her face and for good reason as she was being closely followed by 3 wild dogs. But they were just the leaders of the pack, the rest came bounding out of the bush a few moments later and it turned out to be a pack of 30. Unfortunately they kept well off the road and in areas that were inaccessible especially at this time of the year so who knows what happened but I fear the worst for the poor impala. As if this is not enough from the wild dogs there have been a few sightings around Luangwa River Camp but mostly they were just lying in the shade bellies full to bursting doing their very best to digest whatever huge meal they had just consumed! In fact the dogs were so full, fat and sleepy that they barely even blinked when an oblivious puku walked straight into them! The puku gave a quick whistle and smartly got on its way being ever so thankful that this stumble had happened while the dogs were still so full and not at any other time. The guests up at Nsefu have also been having plenty of sightings of the wild dogs on their walks, which is always a major highlight, not to mention the leopard and lion sightings that they have been having. Everyone delighted that the bush is so thick and lush as it gives plenty of cover when approaching the animals enabling some quite fantastic sightings.

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Gosh I mean talk about some incredible sightings, I am terribly sorry if these have made you all rather envious. So before we really pull out all the stops on the sightings I will finish my stories there, as I would hate to spoil you all and for you to all think that actually every week is like the week we have just had! So without further ado I shall bid you all a very very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.



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